Volunteering at the San Francisco Food Bank

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for weeks: it was a few months ago that I went online and signed up to volunteer at one of the San Francisco food banks.

As much as I talk about eating right and living right, I am fully aware of the challenges many have due to their financial situation. For some people, it’s just important to get sustenance.

I showed up with seven other friends to volunteer at this gigantic warehouse. I am told they distribute food to over 450 locations in San Francisco including places like the YMCA! Amazing.


My group was on orange duty and we were in charge of sorting out the bad oranges and boxing up the good ones. We got a chance to talk and enjoy each other’s company while doing a very easy job that can help families all around the city in a major way. If you have a food bank or something similar in your community, I highly recommend you get a group together and get out for some fresh air and good philanthropy to do on your weekend! I had such a blast and we really weren’t there for very long at all!

That’s it for now!



2 thoughts on “Volunteering at the San Francisco Food Bank

  1. Most AWESOME ! So great to see you enjoying doing your part to be a part of the blessings to others . You dont have to be a millionaire to contribute towards the needs of others ! Right On !
    Tia Marta

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