Health, Beauty, and Natural Hair

I want to say something about health and beauty. Don’t let anyone make you feel superficial for caring about either one. You are entitled to feel comfortable in your own skin and I don’t think you should stop until you get there. It takes a lot of time and even more patience, but it will come.

You’ll have to find out what works and that means finding out what doesn’t work. You’ll get compliments and you also get judgments. Take me for example: I spent most of my life hating my hair and it’s only been the past couple of years that I’ve really grown to love it and what do you know – – in my loving it it has bloomed and so have I. I think that’s a lesson for me in other areas in my life. I hope its a lesson for you, too.

I’ve attached a few videos related to reaching optimal health and things for healthy hair.

Lots of love!!!


Foods for Healthy Hair

DIY Deep Conditioner

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