The Things We Carry

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We at times can find ourselves in a negative cycle, negative thought process, or just generally do not feel a sense of hope.

The beliefs that lead us to a sense of hopelessness are a part of the things we carry, metaphorically. Like a well-worn backpack filled with items that are personal to us, we often travel through life with beliefs, ideas, and convictions which weigh us down. Our belief system is meant to guide our actions and ideas– but at times, our beliefs can grab us and keep us unmoving, stuck, paralyzed, even by a narrative that may not even be based on truth.

So while we may not be able to accelerate our time of transition, in what ways can we change our perspective to give us a sense of stability or to have a grounding effect? We’ll discuss this in my latest episode, “The Things We Carry“.

This episode includes a visualization exercise that may help you see yourself setting aside anything that does not help you move forward on your journey in life.

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Graduation Season: Transitioning in Life | Wonderfully Made Podcast

Graduation season is a reminder for me that life has important times of great shift and transition. These times are meant to mature us, but they are difficult and uncomfortable.

I share 6 tips for shifting your mindset and easing your transition.


  1. Keep things in perspective. We often fear one move or one choice will make or break our future, and it causes a dangerous paralysis. In reality, we are all who we are, and where we are due to a series of choices. We have the ability to change course, correct, and move in a new direction. So, we must move. Move knowing, that we don’t know all there is to know, till we are motion.
  2. Be okay with making mistakes. The reason we sometimes feel full of promise in college, but terrified when we finish is because we stand to lose something or to make a mistake. What I need you to understand, is mistakes actually raise your potential. That is, if you learn from them. I find a person who has gone out and taken risks in life far more interesting than someone who has only done things they’re familiar with or what was expected of them. What you learn when you fail can sometimes teach you more than any theoretical knowledge you may have.

For more, listen to my latest episode of the Wonderfully Made podcast.

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Surround Yourself with People Who Think Differently | Wonderfully Made Podcast

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when we have done nothing to renew our way of thinking. So often we go to the same places, eat the same foods, and hang with the same people. How can we find new solutions in life and gain a fresh perspective unless we surround ourselves with people who don’t just think the same way we do?

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As we face transitions in life or difficult times, it becomes obvious how imperative a fresh mindset is. If we can examine our mindset, the people we spend time with, the places we go, and even the things we eat, we can likely find a relationship between our habits and are lack or abundance of progress.


In this episode, I explore some of the ways I keep a fresh perspective.

Living Intentionally: Why am I Doing What I’m Doing?

Isn’t it crazy how much technology has advanced over the past few years? When I think about how far different platforms I use have come, I am amazed. A lot of platforms and technology have really helped to make life easier as well as make business easier.


One thing that is common, is the auto play feature. Whether you’re watching Hulu, YouTube, or some other media outlet,  you don’t have to think. All you have to do is sit there and keep watching. In fact, autopilot features extend beyond what’s available on the internet. Even your car will drive for you.

As convenient as all of this is. shutting our brains off is not good. If things are being done for us, we don’t have to think about why we are doing what we are doing, and that can be dangerous.

In my latest podcast episode, I discuss this very subject and share some tips on how we can live more intentionally.


There’s Still Time | The Wonderfully Made Podcast

As we have entered the last quarter of the year, many experience a change of pace. Some speed up in a rush to get it all done, and some slow down because “it can wait till 2018”. Or maybe you’re one of the fortunate on track types, and are slowing down because everything went according to plan. 🙂


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I want to encourage you and remind you there is still time. You can do so much with the last quarter of the year. You’ve learned from experiences and can work well under pressure. You can take advantage of the slowed pace of others, and zoom past to the finished line.


Take a listen to my latest podcast as we bring this year to a successful close:


Lacking Motivation

I wish it weren’t true, but sometimes I wake up just not feeling like doing what I need to do. If I wait around for the motivation to come, it usually doesn’t. The only cure is to force myself to start, and once I do I usually get a good rhythm going. This is especially true for exercise. Many have said to me they admire my dedication for being active 5-6 days a week. I honestly don’t always feel like it, and it isn’t always a stellar work out, but I do always get a little something done. I show up. I start.


Maybe this is tougher than usual for you.  You have goals and they feel really, really far away. Another way to push yourself is with your thoughts and your words. What you believe creates what is.

In this episode of the Wonderfully Made podcast, I discuss using your words to manifest your dreams. Take a listen below:

Dealing with Disappointment | The Wonderfully Made Podcast


Disappointment is a normal part of the human experience, but how we handle disappointment dictates our experience. How do we manage and make the most of any situation when nearly every situation turns out differently than we had hoped? Hope defies sensibility and requires one not to see, but to envision. This episode explores the patience and resolve required to overcome disappointment.

Hope must be spoken to, watered, given sunlight, pruned, gazed upon and kept alive at all cost.

10 Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party

Here are my top 10 tips for hosting a dinner party. The things on this list have helped me over the years and I hope they can help you too! These things can be stressful, but they don’t have to be.

 1. Sleep. The night before your event you will need plenty of rest. It will be tempting to stay up late working on tasks, but don’t do it! Go to bed early so you can wake up early and refreshed! What I do is set a bed time alarm and I stick to it. It is hard enough falling asleep with so much on my mind. No need to stay up even later!
2. Hydrate. We always need water, but try harder to remember as you’re running to and fro with your event. Headaches are often the cause of headaches, and this would really get in the way of your productivity– and make you cranky.


 3. Cleaning supplies. I think we know we need to clean, but just do a quick inventory and make sure you have everything you need. Trash bags, carpet cleaner, etc. These are items that when you are all out at a party, it can become an emergency.
 4. Empty dishwasher. If you have dishwasher, make sure it is completely empty. You can slowly load the dishwasher as the dishes stack up at the party. Start the dishwasher as soon as the last guest leaves!
 5. Prep. Make as much as you can the night or day before if possible. I made a quinoa black bean salad at my last party. I made the quinoa the night before, which saved me 20 minutes, and freed up a pot the next day to do other cooking.


 6. Ask for help. Do you have a close friend that is attending the party? Ask them to come early and help with set up. Or, if you need help with food, ask someone who is reliable and willing to come on time, to bring a dish. Don’t be afraid to ask!
 7. Make a menu. Planning and preparating is key. Write out a menu based on the guests, time of day, etc. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but this will also help you figure out your grocery list. No one likes making multiple trips to the store, afterall.
 8. Plan in advance. Where will you place furniture? Who are the guests that are attending? Do any guests have food allergies? Try to do a mental walk through of how the party will go and then take notes. It really helps!
 9. Practice. If any of the dishes are new or complicated, it is a good idea to practice the dish in advance. I can tell you from experience what a disaster it can be to try a new dish for the first time at an event and for it to not go well. You are generally safe trying an extremely simply dish out for the first time, but if the dish is complicated and also the main dish—this is too risky.


 10. Eat! It seems obvious and silly to say this, but when I’m cooking and prepping food I do not always think to eat. Before my last party, I made a smoothie for energy and to get something in my stomach, as was recommended by my good friend Green Regimen. It really helped and I felt great! Check him out here:

Check out my latest video which goes along with these easy dinner party tips here:

So you’ll notice 3 out of 10 on my list have to do with taking care of yourself! Don’t run yourself ragged planning your party. I want you to have a good time and enjoy your guests. Those are my ten tips, what are some things that have worked for you in the past? Let me know.