Affirmations for a Healthy Mindset | Wonderfully Made Podcast


Hey healthy bunnies!


How is your week going? Mine was off to a bit of a rocky start, because I found myself anxious, and filled with doubt.

There are times when I set out to do something new and the excitement is momentarily replaced with dread.

What if I fail?

I was having one of those moments, and I decided to do some research on ways to help myself. I focused on how to have a more healthy mindset.

I listened to podcasts, read articles– and then I wrote out some affirmations.

When I share, it’s not because I have arrived. Oftentimes, I’m working through the process alongside you.

My latest episode, Affirmations for a Healthy Mindset, you will find 40 healthy thoughts that will assist you in your life perspective. Perspective really is everything!

I hope you find it helpful and encouraging!




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