Hiking Adventures and Entrepreneurship Networking Apps and Meeting Shaun, Owner of OURA | Divine Hostess

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you probably know hiking is a favorite pastime of mine. It’s not the work I love or even the heat from direct sun– it’s reward. I love being rewarded after the work of the climb with an amazing view, cool breeze at the higher altitude, and the sense of achievement.


Walker Canyon Reserve, Lake Elsinore

Although I do enjoy solo hikes, I’ve already learned hiking is wonderful activity to share with friends or even people you’re getting to know.

Recently I joined a networking app called Shapr which connects to your LinkedIn account and you can find like minded people to collaborate with, hire, be a mentor, etc. I’ve made a solid handful of great connects including Shaun, co-founder of OURA.


After learning a bit more about his social enterprise, I had to share more about their mission with all of you. OURA makes a  sleek, sporty baseball cap which is uniquely designed to remain clean while granting the wishes of pediatric cancer patients.

 Hats are filthy. They’re one of the few things we wear but rarely wash. OURA’s hats have millions of microscopic minerals infused directly into the thread, so their hats are self-cleaning while being completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. Their hats have 9 other healthy features which you can explore here.

“My brother, Keane, and I started OURA after Keane survived childhood cancer”, said Shaun. “We wanted to create a healthier hat but we also wanted to give back to pediatric cancer patients. For Keane, having his wish to meet President Obama granted completely changed his outlook towards treatment and propelled him towards survivorship. We wanted to help other young patients in their recovery journey as well.”


Now it’s OURA’s mission to grant a wish each time 1000 hats are sold, and they are well on their way.

OURA is named after origami.

There is a Japanese legend that folding 1000 origami cranes results in a wish. With every 1000 OURAgami hats sold, we grant a pediatric patient’s wish and bring healing hope to their recovery. Every hat is a part of that wish. It is 1000 people coming together to help a child in their fight against cancer.

What I love most about meeting new people is the reminder of how connected we all are– even before we meet. I too have have family members diagnosed with cancer, and if you’re reading this you may have as well.

Now when I hike, I’m super excited to wear my OURA hat while knowing they’re just one step closer to granting a wish. To support this amazing company by purchasing a hat, you can visit their website and use the discount code: DIVINEHOSTESS for 10% off.

If I’ve learned anything in my life it is that we are all connected, and knowing this makes the journey a little easier, and lot more enjoyable.

Vacation in Hawaii: Waikiki Hiking, Surfing, and Food Adventures

Hey healthy bunnies,


Earlier this week I posted a new vlog of my solo trip to O’ahu, Hawaii. I tried to share as much as was possible while also making sure safety was highest priority. You will see gorgeous  views and possible be sad that it’s not Summer anymore (if you live in the same hemisphere that I do).


Would you like to hear more tips and details about traveling solo? Let me know and I can share in another post or video.


My favorite thing was hiking and thing I am most proud of was braving the waters and going surfing! If you listened to one of my past podcasts, you will know this is a big deal. Even though there are things we may fear, it is good to stay on our toes and allow ourselves to expand and grow.





Fitness Spotlight: Zakiya Alta Lee of Z Pro Prep

Hey healthy bunnies! I’m so excited to be bringing back fitness highlights to my blog. I’m even more excited to introduce you to Zakiya, one of the most versitile and multi-talented women I’ve ever met. I hope you enjoy getting to know her and can take advantage of her services!
Zakiya, tell me about yourself.

I’m Zakiya Alta Lee and I’m a southern belle. I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. I graduated Cum Laude from Florida State University. I lived in Atlanta and performed with the Hawks, and then came on over to the west side (California)!

ZL_blk headshot
What do you do?

I dance/choreograph, act–when time permits, create and executive produce television content, and I’m an entrepreneur. My business Z Art of Tease (ZArtofTease.com) is geared towards married and engaged women teaching them customized tease performances for them to do for their husbands. Z Pro Prep (ZProPrep.com) is a NBA/NFL style prep clinic that whips ladies into shape in order to get them ready for their favorite Pro team’s tryouts.(I also work in the la county public school system doing live shows for kids on protecting our environment, and do public speaking mainly to uplift women…but this is extra stuff lol)

What and when is your next upcoming venture?

March 2nd-April 10th in Atlanta, GA and I’ll be hosting a Z Pro Prep clinic!
zakiya court3

Why are you so passionate about this? What fuels you?

Last year I was given the opportunity to be hired on as the guest choreographer/judge for the NBA Atl Hawks Dance/Cheer auditions.  This was an amazing opportunity because I got to see EXACTLY what Pro teams are looking for!  Not just dance and picking up choreography….but there is a certain way a Pro cheerleader/dancer carries herself. From her look, to her style, to her appearance, to even the way she speaks.  ALL of these things are important!  The Pros are looking for the total package!  I’m tired of seeing girls audition year after year only to still not make the team, and then come back again the next year to endure that heartbreak all over again. Myself, along with some other very talented former NBA and NFL ladies are doing all that we can to give these ladies a real shot at achieving their dreams of going pro!!!  God put me here to uplift women…one of the ways I do that is through Z Pro Prep!
Zakiya Uni pic

What’s next for you?

I’m currently finishing up some choreography for a musical in LA “Einstein Is a Dummy” directed by Derek Manson, so I’m looking forward to that process. I’m also looking for opportunities to expand Z Pro Prep.  Wherever there is a demand for ladies who want to go pro, I’m there! As my grandma Ezelle says, “I don’t know where God is taking me, but I’m enjoying the ride!!”

How can my readers get a hold of you?
Make sure to check out ZProPrep.com and ZArtofTease.com

Facebook: Zakiya Alta Lee

Instagram: @Zakiya_Alta_Lee or @ZArtofTease

To learn more about Z Pro Prep call:  404-429-5482

Cleanse Week

I’ve teamed up with my friend L’aisha who you may know as MakeupanBeautyJunkie to do a week of cleansing. It’s a great way to boost energy, metabolism, and kickstart the new season without getting sick. We’ve decided to do a one week raw food challenge. To make it easier with long days and hard workouts, we’ve opted to do raw food till 4pm, which gives us a chance to have a warm sensible meal for dinner. We will be doing vegan food at dinner time. We will be sharing our meals and experiences over the next 7 days, and we hope you will join us! Feel free to modify as needed!


What I’ve eaten today:

  • Smoothie: baby spinach, frozen bananas, raisins, raspberries, chia seeds, and filtered water.
  • Snack #1: walnuts and raisins
  • Lunch: baby spinach, cucumber, red wine vinaigrette, 1/3 avocado
  • Snack #2: One cup of grapes
  • Dinner: kale, brown rice, black beans, salsa, guacamole, and flaxseed chips.


We hope we can inspire you to jumpstart a new journey as well! Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@divinehostess & @makeupanbeautyjunkie) for updates and pictures!



Rest Day

Sometimes for no other reason than the fact that the human body is fallible and constantly needs regular rest does a person have to slow down the pace, get comfortable, and silence the world.

We don’t need rest days only because of hard workouts or because we earned them. We need rest days because they are exactly what make us stronger and ready to take on the world.

Today is mine. When is the last time you rested?



New Workout Shoes from Puma

Though I’m an advocate for fitness, when it’s time to shop for athletic shoes I always struggle. My absolute favorite style of shoe is and likely always will be pumps. For yoga, walking, weight training and more, I am fairly certain pumps are not the safest choice! I really just do not like athletic shoes, and I’m not yet ready to drop $180 on a pair, so shopping for a new pair of shoes takes FOREVER.


One thing I knew– I wanted a bright colored pair. The logic? Choosing a bright colored pair which matches with nothing, happens to also match with everything! I chose the Faas 100 R Glow Women’s Running Shoes.

hot pink sneakers

I find these to be super light and comfortable, but I haven’t worked out in them yet. My last workout was outdoors and I didn’t really want to get them dirty. These will be gym shoes 🙂

hot pink pumas women


I think these are just in time for spring! What is your favorite brand of athletic shoes?

Doubt and Fear, Confidence and Hope

Earlier today I posted this quote on my fan page:

Your dreams are the flowers, and doubt is the weeds. Get it??

I can think of so many times I had a great idea, and I talked myself out of it, or delayed action on it. Oh, I had wonderful excuses. I would hide behind perfectionism and say I was planning to start when I got my ducks all in a row. Other times I was honestly just plain scared!

All around me, I would see people pursuing their ideas with courage– and they seemed unaffected by the hiccups and imperfections. They just kept going! They perfected their craft along the journey instead of waiting. This is what winners do.

Since I want to be a winner, I’m taking courage to pursue my dreams now. I won’t blame anyone else who doesn’t believe in me or my vision. I am daily holding myself accountable to have confidence and hope instead of doubt and fear. If you’re reading this, I suggest you do the same!



Go Red for Women | Women’s Heart Disease

Today is National Wear Red day for women’s heart health awareness. Heart disease is currently the number one killer of women in this country.

At my job today there was a booth set up for women’s heart health awareness and I will share some of the information and statistics:

*Losing as few as 10lbs can lower your heart disease risk

*Adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely to have heart disease or a stroke than adults without the condition

*Women are less likely to call 9-1-1 when experiencing symptoms of a heart attack themselves

*Heart disease kills approximately one woman every minute

The statistics are mostly the bad news, but the good news is regular checkups, proper rest, exercise, a diet full of fruits and veggies, not smoking– these are all things we can consciously make an effort to do to lower risk of heart disease.

The representative also gave away heart healthy snacks– I liked the idea, but regular Cheerios would’ve been a lower sugar option. In any case, it still helps being awareness and really made me think.

For more information on heart disease in women, visit Go Red for Women



Fitness Gear Must-Haves by Stylist ZionRaiment

Rye of Zion Raiment shares his fitness gear must-haves which keep him fashionable, motivated, and well encouraged to push a little further on every single workout!

You will notice I’m a little bit of Nike junky. Nike has gotten a lot of my money in past and will continue to do so because their products don’t fail me. Also if I ever have an issue with any item, they have been responsive and provide corrective services.  -Rye

Nike Storm-Fit Tech Gloves

 nike elite storm fit gloves

These are my favorite gloves whether I’m running on a chilly day or playing soccer outdoors on a cold day.
The index finger tips on either hand allow you to use your touch screen phone while you wear them.
Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Compression 2.0 Shorts

nike pro combat shorts basketball

These shorts are designed for basketball for those hard falls and contact,  and I also use them for soccer as well. I also use the Nike Compression slider shorts as well.

Nike+ Fuelband SE

nike fuelband se

I like it because it my daily motivation and reminder to myself to be the best me  fitness-wise everyday.

Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour ID  Tennis Shoes

nike vapor tour shoes

I opted for Nike ID option for these because I play a lot of tennis. I’ve been playing tennis since I was about 12 years old. It’s important for me to play in gear that is comfortable in a way that is unique to me. One of the deciding factors that made go was the option to customize your traction for hard court, clay, or grass. 


Follow Rye on

Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: @zionraiment


Transformation Tuesday

The photo on the left is what I looked like at the peak of my poor choices.

I exercised about 4 to 5 days per week, but I didnt get enough rest, drink enough water– and did not know a meat free diet would work better for my metabolism. I was constantly doing activities that built muscle, but did not burn fat. I was healthy– but not as healthy or fit as I could be. I needed to detox more and I wasn’t aware of that either. I would detox once a year whereas now, it’s a regular activity. I’m smaller now, but that’s not the point. The point is a feel lighter, less weighed down by toxins, and much more in control of the destiny of my health.

Would you like to hear more about my journey? Let me know, and I can do another post or video. This year I’m working on being more transparent and sharing more of my personal life.