Top 10 Fast Foods (When I’m out of Options on the Road)

Things don’t always go as planned, and there is always less time than we hoped we would have. Sometimes we are just plain lazy! I definitely have had my days. Surprisingly, I’m least motivated to cook on days when I have had to do grocery shopping. No idea why this is the case, but it does feel like I have earned a night off from the kitchen!

If you’re out all day and you still have a million errands left, it really is not better to starve. What’s best is to give your body the highest quality fuel money and time will afford you. I know personally on those long flight delays I feel I am being held hostage at the airport. Isn’t there ever anything else besides bagels, bruised apples, and chicken caesar salads?! Below is my list of foods that I eat on lazy busy days. Don’t worry– I’ve included non-vegetarian options!

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