DIY Deep Conditioner for Long Healthy Hair | Cassia Obovata

It’s been over a year now of me using cassia treatments to strengthen my fine hair and add shine. I’ve gained both length and fullness! I absolutely love it and I want to share with you how I use it.

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What is Cassia?

According to wikipedia, In India, it is used to produce a dye known as “neutral henna”. [It] is easily distinguishable through its many distinctive features. In India, the leaves are used as a dye called neutral henna or “blonde henna” to make the hair look glossy, but it seems to have a yellowish impact on hair rather than the reddish one produced by henna. 

This is a fantastic option for someone who wants the benefits of henna, without the hassle of color, which can stain whatever it touches when you are treating your hair. Treating  your hair with henna, can be thought of as a super deep treatment. I use it once per month.

How to Make it

This video details how to make cassia. Once you are done making the treatment, you can also add an additional amount of off the shelf conditioner, other oils, or even honey. It is really up to you.

How to Apply it

One cassia has been mixed, cool, and oils added, you can apply to your hair.

  1. Work with freshly washed hair, dry or damp (I prefer damp).
  2. It’s best to apply to hair in sections.
  3. Apply liberal amounts of cassia to hair from about 1″ away from your roots all the way to the ends of your hair. Since your ends are the oldest, it’s most important for those to be covered. I stay 1″ from my roots, because it is difficult to get cassia rinsed off the scalp.
  4. If you have curly hair, loosely twist each section after apply cassia.
  5. When complete, cover hair with a conditioner cap.
  6. Cover cap with a towel to trap heat.
  7. Leave on for 2-4 hours. I’ve tried over night, but it’s really too long, and more difficult to rinse.

How to Remove it

  1. Hair will be stiff from treatment at this point, so do not manipulate. Instead, run hair under running water for about 5  minutes to loosen some of the paste from your hair.
  2. After 5  minutes, gently rub hair to remove all of conditioner, and when the water runs clear, it should mostly be gone.
  3. Last, follow up with a conditioner to remove any last bits of the cassia, and to provide additional moisture.
  4. Last, style hair as usual!

How to Store it

Store in a freezer safe bag, and defrost several hours before using.

How to Make Homemade Peanut Butter with a Food Processor

The other day I had a complete peanut butter emergency! Not only was I all out, but the nearby stores had the  non-natural kind with hydrogenated fats and additives. Solution? Make it myself! Food processors are so handy. Check out this quick video detailing how to make it in just 6 minutes with roasted peanuts!

DIY: Festive Holiday Plates

This weekend I had an adventure as I prepared for my next DIY video. I could visualize exactly what I wanted to create, but I really had no idea where I might find the products. I desired I create holiday plates that are reminiscent only of a beautiful winter, so that their use isn’t limited to just Christmas. It took going to 4 stores to find the right plates (who knew the dollar store would be the jackpot), 3 attempts, and a LOT of Internet reattach. My final product became the beautiful decorative plates you see below. Make sure you also check out the video at!


Tart Berry Froyo

This is the perfect summer time treat to beat the heat wave, but without expanding your waist line! I used berries, but there possibilities of fruits you can use are plentiful.

Eat like you love to live! ❤

Memorial Day Weekend Barbecue and Picnic Foods

I’ve put togteher a list of recipes from my site and the sites of other awesome food bloggers to enjoy over Memorial Day weekend. Some are a little indulgent, but most are flavorful and healthy. You’ll find salads, main dishes, drinks and desserts. Just click on the image and it will take you directly to the recipe. Enjoy and have a fun safe holiday weekend!



 Cucumber Melon MedleyIMG_3447 Faux Ahi Poke Salad (Vegan)DSC_4958  Mediterranean Potato SaladIMG_0014
 Baked Garlic Buffalo WingsBaked-Garlic-Buffalo-Chicken-Wings10  Grilled ShrimpGT0102_shrimp-two-ways_s4x3_lg  BBQ CornGrilledCornCob_lg
 Mint Berry Sparklermint berry yt thumb  Grapefruit MojitoOriginal_Mocktails-Virgin-Grapefruit-Mojito_s4x3_lg  Sparkling Lemonade6507668623_6061393116_z
 Fruit Kebabslainey2  Spicy Red Velvet CupcakesIMG_0015 Peach-and-Toasted Pecan Ice Creampeach

How Modern Moms Do It: Manisha on Home & Lifestyle

When I interviewed Manisha, I’ll admit I had selfish intentions. I wanted to know the secrets to her success since she stays fit, cooks amazing meals, and chases after a little one. She doesn’t do this in sweatpants. She wears an ecclectic combination of vintage clothes and trendy wear, and still finds time to be a writer. I wanted to share her insight with you, the readers since it’s not easy maintaining proper nutrition when you’re literally doing it all!

You’re a wife, a mother, a writer, and you have a big family. You are one busy lady! How do you find the time to cook?

Honestly?  My hair may not get that deep condition or my chipped nail polish may have to wait. Typically, I try to involve Arlowe, my 18 month old, as much as possible. He’s awesome at smashing things and mixing. Also, I like to buy staple ingredient items like onions, bell peppers and herbs in bulk.  I chop them all up the same day I bring them home, stuff them into freezer bags and store them in the freezer until needed. For garlic, I just chop it finely and store it in a glass jar with olive oil in the refrigerator. I also LOVE my crockpot!  This is probably a mother’s best friend because you basically ignore it all day and dinner’s waiting for you in the evening.

How do you approach nutrition as far as your son? There are so many cautionary tales; it is probably easy for a new parent to become overwhelmed.It’s definitely easy to get overwhelmed, especially for first-time parents.  Just try to remember that toddlers are probably not going to sit and eat three square meals per day. It’s just a fact of life!  Can you blame them?  There is just so much to see, so much to get into and not enough hours in the day. I follow the apple chart from www.wholesometoddlerfood.comto know how many servings of each food group Arlowe should be eating per day.  The chart is great because it breaks down amounts per serving your child should get at a certain age or weight/ height.  Examples of small meals and snacks are string cheese, rolled up deli meat, chicken sausage with cheeses & herbs (or tofu versions), smoothies, fruit/ veggie pouches (like Plum Organics tots), and homemade cereal bars.  

Following you on Twitter is always fun because I learn about so many neat tricks for food, and DIY projects from what you pin on Pinterest. What are your favorites?

Thanks! I love sharing food tips simply because I talk about food about half the time my mouth is moving, but also because they really work! I have recently really gotten into making EVERYTHING from scratch!  I can’t tell you how great it is to use your own homemade chicken stock, or  being able to control how much salt and fat go into your food and the pride you feel when your dough comes out perfectly for rolls or pizza!  I think my favorite food DIY so far has been making jams and sauces over the summer from the fruit in our back yard.

My favorite non food-related DIYs have been the pieces of home decor I put together for our new house.  I scoured thrift stores for weeks to found vinyl records featuring cover art of places my family has traveled which I’ve framed and hung on our living room wall.  I also made a simple mosaic from graphic iPhone covers left over from one of my husband’s engineering projects. That’s hanging in our hallway.   I’m really excited to decorate for the holiday season!
Last, any words of wisdom for someone trying to get their hubby to eat a little healthier?

You know, in my case it really hasn’t been difficult.  I don’t want to put my husband on blast, but he’s from the outbacks of the boondocks! [laughs]  So unless I try to feed him something like watercress sandwiches or a sparse salad, he’ll eat it without complaint!  My biggest concern is eliminating processed foods, sugar, sodium, and empty calories.  This means that I’ve had to educate myself, and I’ve had to learn to make a lot of things from scratch.  My husband briefly lamented the loss of his many-flavored Doritos, but with so many delicious alternatives I’m pretty sure he’s over it!

We eat a lot less red meat and, really important, adjusted portions of meat, veggies, and starch.  American plates tend to be half meat, a quarter starch and a quarter vegetables when they should be half vegetables, a quarter starch and a quarter meat.  That really put things into perspective for me. Another way we’re eating healthier is by eating at least one meatless meal per week. With the help of blogs like yours and the plethora of others out there, I’ve learned about other food sources of protein and healthy fats to turn into really delicious meals!

A Season of Giving

Right now you have plenty and can help those who are in need. Later, they will have plenty and can share with you when you need it. In this way, things will be equal. ( 2 Corin 8:14, NLT)

That verse came to mind this morning as I cleaned out my closet. It may not be Spring cleaning time, but I recognized I had more than enough things and I really hate the clutter. I was recently reading a post on Rhiannon Duffin’s blog and became inspired to really play hardball with getting rid of clothing I do not wear. The tough thing is that there are a ton of clothes I don’t wear, but they are still nice. I’ve talked myself into keeping them because I remember the price I paid and what store I bought them from, or who gifted them to me. I was basically justifying the clutter around me. I have two filled closets, under bed storage, and space organizers heaped with clothes. This is not something to be proud of– it’s really quite silly. What is the point of having plenty if I do not use it?

I thought about some of the clothing that still has the tags, or work clothing that no longer fits. Somewhere (likely somewhere nearby), there is a woman who could use a new dress, or a pair of pants to wear to an interview for a job that will feed her family. That’s when I got the cleaning bug. What other things do I have in excess that I can share? Food? Office supplies? It really is rather freeing to just get rid of things.

Sometimes I wish for more in life, when I haven’t even been diligent enough to clear out the old. I remember fights with my mom in grade school every August. I would say I needed new school clothes, she would say she would not purchase so much as a sock until I got rid of the clothes that no longer fit. This standoff never resulted in me winning, and she was right. Why would she reward me with new clothing when I was still holding onto the old?

Many of us look around at our home decor, and may have things we still want. I am definitely guilty of this. In the interim, getting rid of clutter can make a home look more “together” and it can also reveal opportunities for creativity which may have otherwise not been recognized. Freeing up new space makes room for home DIY projects, and the chance to rearrange furniture.

A few tips….

1. When going out of town, think of a neighbor or friend you can give extra food to instead of letting it spoil in your fridge.

2. Share your bulk items.

3. Get rid of clothing that hasn’t been worn in over a year and develop a good storage system for seasonal clothing items– and I don’t mean those HORRID novelty Christmas sweaters. You can throw those away!

4. Have clothing swap parties. Invite friends over for brunch and trade. Give the rest to charity.

5. Cook what you buy. Sometimes it’s tempting to eat out when  you have had a long day. If this becomes a habit, you could be allowing good food to spoil as you burn a little hole in your wallet.

6. Make it a habit to routinely check for things to get rid of in closets, freezers, the fridge, the trunk of your car, etc.

When I don’t think I have much at all, my reminder is to give from the areas of my life where I do have plenty. Although we don’t give to get, it always works that the most generous people always have more than enough. I think we get into the spirit of Christmas and are inspired to help those in need, but there are many who need help long before Christmas and long after. So I propose new a season of giving–one that lasts all year long.