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A little about me, I recently finished a graduate program in mechanical engineering where I focused on solar cooking options for women in developing countries. It was such a good experience, and I honestly wish I had more time to explore.

Now I work full time and I haven’t saved the world yet, but I do make a little impact by working on reducing air pollution. In addition to this, in every moment of spare time I find, I devote myself to helping improving the quality of life of others around me by trading unhealthy habits for good ones! It’s really rewarding to hear stories of weight loss, improved strength, and even the elimination of the need of medication.

Going along with the theme of health, my most prized product is my book, The Divine Hostess: A guide to cooking, hosting & healthy living . I’m proud of this book because it is my way of sharing my personal experiences with learning to cook and discovering healthier ways to do so. Over the years I’ve found I can take charge of my health primarily by the way I choose to fuel my body, and I can have fun doing it!

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“Eat like you love to live!”


Stop Making Excuses and Save Your Do!

by LC of Digital Curls

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LC has grown to be a great pal of mine through social media, our love of food and fitness- and her ability to make me laugh. She’s such an inspiration!

I’ve come across women who have a strong desire to workout, but don’t because they are afraid of ruining their hairstyle. I myself was in search for a hair scarf or sweatband that would keep my hair as dry as possible during intense training sessions. I often need to run errands right after a workout and my hair is not always up to my standards. I would usually hide my do by throwing on a hat. Not anymore! I’ve found 2 great products that will provide your tresses the protection you desire while breaking a sweat in the gym.

“Save Your Do™ GymWrap is a stylish headband developed with a patent-pending revolutionary “Edge Control Technology” that minimizes sweat absorption through a unique blend of materials that allows heat to escape while letting cool air in. The moisture ‘wicking’ process occurs at the molecular level within the fabric resulting in drier flat hair! “{Source


The “save your do” gymwrap comes in three different variations, narrow, wide and triangle. They retail from 24.95 to 29.95. Click here to go to the website.

Sally’s Beauty Supply carries a similar product called the Dri-Sweat Edge Protector by the Wave Enforcer. They also come in different colors and wrap shapes priced at just 3.99. You can also find them online at various retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and other online beauty supply stores. I have both brands and I’ve been using them for about 1 year now and they both work great.


No more excuses!

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