A Divine Brunch

More than eating out, going to movies, or hitting a nightclub….I love events that take place at home. Think about it: no lines, no entrance fees, no one saying, “last call”, and most importantly, the perfect volume to have a conversation. What could be better? There are so many advantages to at-home events.

These days, it seems to be like pulling teeth when it comes to getting someone to RSVP for an event– even if that person is your roommate! I do not know what it is. There are other mediums to invite people and to get a feel for whether or not you need to plan for their attendance. I like a phone call and then a follow up evite being sent. During that phone call, it would be good to ask, “Can I write you down as attending?” and to let them know that they will receive a follow up invitation. People do have a habit of saying, “Yeah.  I should be free. Just remind me!” But ask them to write the event on the calendar and let them know you are looking forward to seeing their smiling face!

I love serving brunch because the meal can be kept nice and light. It is good to have foods that are true breakfast foods and then some that are a little heartier. When you are deciding upon your menu, be sure to ask your guests if there are any allergies. Do not feel limited, but there are many ways to come up with your menu. I like to go with a theme, so for instance Italian. Juices, Italian sodas, fruit salad, mini frittatas, caprese salad, etc. Italian is just one idea. Your menu can have a Southern flare, a picnic feel, an urban spoon type menu–whatever you like! Just be sure to time your food preparation accordingly. Allow homemade salad dressing, drinks, etc to chill. Frittatas are great when warm, so place those in the oven 15 minutes before guests are scheduled to arrive, but have food items that can be eaten immediately. Your guests will be too polite to say so, but no one likes to show up to a party on time, only to wait another hour or two to eat!

Table set up can be simple yet elegant. Fresh flowers, large serving platters and bowls, a juice glass and a champagne glass. Guests will undoubtedly love to enjoy a drink as soon as they arrive. Bring in a playful feel by using an array of napkin colors. If you have a group of guests that are open to games or fun ice breakers, place one small topic card under every plate and have guests reveal the question once they get seated. I assure you, there will be nothing but laughs ahead!

I hope you will take the time to enjoy an intimate meal with friends or loved ones. It brings a great opportunity for conversation over wonderful food. Be sure to prepare most of your food before your guests arrive so that you can partake in the fun!

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