FitFeb| Finding Motivation to Move

by Coach P


For most of us, daily physical activity can be seen as a burden, even arduous. In reality, we end up suffering in the long run. Considering the fact that one third of Americans are overweight and the obesity epidemic is continuing to rise throughout the U.S. according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (

We see and some of us know firsthand the effects of not exercising, but still find it hard to get active. There are many complex reasons why you may not be a fan of exercising. It may be due to scheduling conflicts, economics, illnesses and or you just don’t want to. Could the benefits change our perception? Would a leaner body, decrease of stress, chronic illness reduction, and an increase of energy motivate you to exercise?

Regardless of the great benefits, I sometimes find it difficult to exercise when I lack motivation. It’s not rocket science. I finally realized if the benefits alone weren’t enough to persuade me, then maybe the actual exercise modality could. The trick was finding something that I enjoy. I found my enjoyment in yoga. I go to classes or do it right from the comfort of home. I also find it therapeutic and relaxing! Who doesn’t enjoy relaxation?!

Maybe yoga isn’t your cup of tea. Try other enjoyable activities such as bowling, cycling, walking, horseback riding, golfing, racquetball, skating, and so many other different activities. Fitness experts have told me physical activity should be enjoyable and it shouldn’t have to be limited to a gym. Exercising can incorporate a wide range of things. There is no one activity that is better than another. As long as calories are burning and muscles are functioning; your enjoyment is not in vain. So find out what you enjoy doing and watch how your perception of exercising changes. When you enjoy the modality, motivation becomes second nature.

Last but not least, think positive. It may be a cliché, but positive thoughts play a major role in your perspective and in giving you motivation. When you are hopeful and optimistic about the task at hand, you will be motivated to get off your butt and move. Remember, every action begins with a single thought. Let’s move!

Feel free to share what motivates you and let’s get moving!

Coach P. is a Wellness Coach and Nutrition Expert from New Jersey. She is a WEGO Health, Health Activist and a member of The American Nutrition Association. “Healthy living isn’t about perfection. It’s all about balance; besides, I appreciate cheat days.” – Coach P. Connect with her on Twitter @coachpcare and

Divine Fitness| FitFeb!


Hey everyone! January zoomed by before I could even get used to writing “2013” and now it’s February! The month of January seems to naturally lend itself to eating healthy  because people have many regrets after eating over the holidays. I am very excited to  start a new series for this month: FitFeb! It will be focused mostly on fitness.  For this month, I will focus on workouts, workout gear, products, and more. Look forward to lots of guest writers, weight loss stories, and ideas for ways to stay fit! If you have topics or questions you’d like covered, feel free to visit and send me a message.