Flaxseed Meal as an Egg Substitute | Kitchen Quickie

If you are looking to eat foods with less cholesterol, or have an allergy to eggs, this is for you! I also love this alternative for when I am baking and do not have enough eggs for the recipe. Enjoy!

Adventures with Shirataki (Miracle) Noodles

I’ve just posted a new video using one of my favorite recipes using Shirataki noodles. If you haven’t heard of these noodles, they are low carb, and super low calorie. Each serving is about 20 calories! They need to be rinsed well and patted dry. They have no flavor, but they soak up the flavor of sauces or herbs and spices you might use. If you do use this recipe, post a pic on Instagram! I would love to see it. Use #divinehostess

Eat like you love to love! ❤

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