Blogstar Moms | The Brown Vegan

Q1: How long have you been vegan and does your entire family eat a vegan diet?brown vegan 1 I’ve been a vegan for 3 years.  Even though my husband and sons aren’t vegans, they enjoy a lot of vegan meals. In the beginning, I wanted the whole family to transition, but soon realized it takes time.  My children weren’t born into this lifestyle, so they still remember a lot of our previous bad habits.
I will say my family’s taste buds are starting to change.  They’re so accustomed to eating vegan meals (since I do most of the cooking), I notice they reach for healthier choices when we’re at a BBQ or dining out.Even if my kids never make the full transition, I’m still happy to set a solid foundation of vegan options for them while they’re still young. My husband has made a lot of progress and I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to become a vegan.
 Q2: How challenging is it to make sure you and your family get a balanced meal? So many kids hate veggies. How do you get yours to eat them?A2: I have to say it was very difficult in the beginning to get my sons to eat more vegetables.  I have three boys and my middle son didn’t want anything but hotdogs and chicken nuggets.  I stay consistent with serving the vegetables, make sure the vegetables are flavorful and find creative ways to serve them plant-based meals.  I’m happy to say that my boys enjoy vegetables more than they did in the past.  I even started a series on my YouTube channel to show the vegan meals we eat as a family.  brown vegan 2
 An easy and yummy vegan recipe (Click photo):brown vegan 3  Q3: How do you find the time to stay active and keep your self fit while you are so busy?A3: I stay active by going on long walks with the boys and by playing basketball with them.  It’s a great way for us to spend time together and for me to sweat a little.
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