Vegan Potluck/ BBQ Ideas

Hey healthy bunnies!

I recently made a yummy black bean and quinoa salad packed with flavor and a ton of nutrients. 


It was a collaboration with my pal Marissa of the channel Lifestyle with Me. She’s vegan, and has so many great ideas! She also made a quinoa salad! Hers is sweet and mine is savory.

 Both are delicious. You should totally give them a try. If you aren’t vegetarian, you may have some guests that will appreciate these dishes. They work as side or main dishes. 

What I eat in a day

Hey healthy bunnies!
So many of you have asked me over the years when I eat in a typical day and you’ve also asked for meal prep ideas which I’m still working on. I’ve made this quick and easy to follow video (vlog style) of what I was eating, and keep in mind it was on the weekend so I had a little more time to prepare food. If you end up loving this video, makes you like it and leave a comment letting me know you like to see more similar to this. 

Plan Your Life

Plan. If you want to be great, do great things, and get great results– you need to plan. Anyone who suggests they’ve gotten far in life by winging it, I don’t really trust. I know that great accomplishments come from intentional effort, and that starts with planning. No, your plan won’t always work out the way you envisioned– but what is the saying? “Luck favors the prepared.”? There’s truth to that. So now, even if I cannot perfectly stick to it, I think about when I plan to go to bed at night, what I think I should eat, how long I will work out, how much I will spend on groceries, when I will relax and have fun. When I was a little girl both my parents and my school had me on a routine. It was on that routine that I thrived. Then I took over as an adult, abandoned the routine and created chaos. I’m just now getting back to the consistency of planning and execution.


Food and Me: a Complicated Relationship

  Food. Often on my mind– and something with which I have a complicated relationship. Food is for nourishment first and foremost, but how can I ignore the cultural ties, healing power, new adventures, comfort and  socialization aspects? I cannot. I’m armed with knowledge I did not once have, so I know how to properly nourish my body as a vegetarian. I also know how to make a meal to entertain a party. The complication arises for me that I have so much information telling me eat this, not that– it’s hard not to become obsessed with health. Then the fact that sometimes I am bored, other times I am unsure if I have habit hunger or real hunger, yet other times I’m lazy to plan and don’t eat enough, and then the times I just don’t feel like eating the right thing. There’s a guilt with these complications since I know somewhere in the world, maybe not more than a few blocks from me, someone goes hungry. I’m sure I cannot in one grand effort cure this, but here is what brings me comfort: being grateful for all I have, making an effort to use and take only what I need, and giving as often and as much as I can. 

What You Need to Know before You Detox

Hey healthy bunnies!

Summer is just weeks away, and I am sure many people would love to be in the best shape possible before going on vacations, to reunions, and just to feel great!

So, what should you think about before you begin your detox? Find out in my latest video which outlines some major things to keep in mind as you prepare. Please let me know if you would like me to develop a detox plan!