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Fitness Spotlight: Zakiya Alta Lee of Z Pro Prep

Hey healthy bunnies! I’m so excited to be bringing back fitness highlights to my blog. I’m even more excited to introduce you to Zakiya, one of the most versitile and multi-talented women I’ve ever met. I hope you enjoy getting to know her and can take advantage of her services!
Zakiya, tell me about yourself.

I’m Zakiya Alta Lee and I’m a southern belle. I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. I graduated Cum Laude from Florida State University. I lived in Atlanta and performed with the Hawks, and then came on over to the west side (California)!

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What do you do?

I dance/choreograph, act–when time permits, create and executive produce television content, and I’m an entrepreneur. My business Z Art of Tease (ZArtofTease.com) is geared towards married and engaged women teaching them customized tease performances for them to do for their husbands. Z Pro Prep (ZProPrep.com) is a NBA/NFL style prep clinic that whips ladies into shape in order to get them ready for their favorite Pro team’s tryouts.(I also work in the la county public school system doing live shows for kids on protecting our environment, and do public speaking mainly to uplift women…but this is extra stuff lol)

What and when is your next upcoming venture?

March 2nd-April 10th in Atlanta, GA and I’ll be hosting a Z Pro Prep clinic!
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Why are you so passionate about this? What fuels you?

Last year I was given the opportunity to be hired on as the guest choreographer/judge for the NBA Atl Hawks Dance/Cheer auditions.  This was an amazing opportunity because I got to see EXACTLY what Pro teams are looking for!  Not just dance and picking up choreography….but there is a certain way a Pro cheerleader/dancer carries herself. From her look, to her style, to her appearance, to even the way she speaks.  ALL of these things are important!  The Pros are looking for the total package!  I’m tired of seeing girls audition year after year only to still not make the team, and then come back again the next year to endure that heartbreak all over again. Myself, along with some other very talented former NBA and NFL ladies are doing all that we can to give these ladies a real shot at achieving their dreams of going pro!!!  God put me here to uplift women…one of the ways I do that is through Z Pro Prep!
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What’s next for you?

I’m currently finishing up some choreography for a musical in LA “Einstein Is a Dummy” directed by Derek Manson, so I’m looking forward to that process. I’m also looking for opportunities to expand Z Pro Prep.  Wherever there is a demand for ladies who want to go pro, I’m there! As my grandma Ezelle says, “I don’t know where God is taking me, but I’m enjoying the ride!!”

How can my readers get a hold of you?
Make sure to check out ZProPrep.com and ZArtofTease.com

Facebook: Zakiya Alta Lee

Instagram: @Zakiya_Alta_Lee or @ZArtofTease

To learn more about Z Pro Prep call:  404-429-5482

Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

If you’re like me when it comes to home workouts– the yoga mat gets used for everything! I use it for yoga (obvi!), pilates, ab work, and more. I even lay on my mat when I just don’t feel like sitting on the couch and would rather be on the floor. So, my mats get a lot of use and wear. It’s important that it is getting properly cleaned, since it is used so often. I’ve created this super easy recipe for cleaning your yoga mat. I would say once a week is a good frequency, but you may clean it after every use if necessary.

Hope this helps!



Blogger Life

Hey healthy bunnies!

If you’re reading this, I want to say thank you for taking the time out to visit my blog. Some of you are long-
time followers and have gotten to know me over the years and I have had the great fortune of getting to know you, as well.

I’ve had some time to think over the last month or two and I would really like to provide more content that you want. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or leave comments to give me more ideas of content to provide to you.

I’m constantly looking for new ways to grow and expand and mature. I see TDH as long-term thing and I hope you will stay for the journey and grow with me, too.

Over the next few weeks and maybe months I will be making a few changes and finding my voice again. Thank you in advance for your support and understanding!


a divine hostess indeed

The Divine Hostess:

I so enjoyed dinner with my vegan pal Joi! <3

Originally posted on Vegan Joy With Joi:


As most of you know, I am an always-on-the-go actress. After 10 days straight of waking up early to be on set, going back and fourth to auditions and taking care of errands in between, there has not been much time for a delicious home cooked meal! Yesterday after I finished filming a commercial, I made my way over to my friend FiFi’s. She is a vegetarian, a chef and an amazing & creative woman!  I was so excited that we both could find time to relax together!

We chatted over sparkling Kombuchas by Kevita.

I had never tried that brand before and it was exciting to taste new flavors.

The flavors we had were Lemon Ginger, Apple Kale, Ginger, and Grapefruit.

Along with a Master Brew Kombucha.

I think my favorite was the grapefruit!

The Master Brew was so bomb because it was very strong just the way I like…

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3 Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When I start the morning with good choices, it is easier to follow throughout the day with more good choices. I’ve created 3 delicious and simple recipes that should suit you if you need something fast, or if you’ve got a little more time to treat yourself in the kitchen. Two out of the three recipes are completely vegan, and one includes eggs and leaves a lot of room for variation for your tastes.

I have created a mini frittata, smoothie, and avocado toast. I hope you will try out the recipes!




Is it just completed a very fulfilling yoga session for strength and weight loss, I’ve taken a moment to slow down and rest in this feeling and also get my body hydrated. Not only am I thankful for the quiet time to practice yoga, I’m thankful that I have such easy access to clean drinking water.

I see the constant reminders in social media for each of us in the first world who have Internet access and smart phones and computers to remember to stay hydrated. I cannot help but think about how fortunate I am to be here in the United States where the water is clean enough to drink directly from the tap and I’ve never gone a day without access to clean drinking water to cook, bathe, drink, frolic in at a swimming pool.

It’s funny how we need such a reminder for something that would be considered a luxury in many parts of the world. The majority of the world’s population is far below the poverty line and here I am with access to water and I rarely even think about it. So at this very moment, I am taking some time to think of how grateful I am to have water to use as I please.

Would you like to know more about clean drinking water? Here are a few sites:

2. Water.org
3. Children’s Safe Drinking Water