The Crafts & Glory Wellness Kit

Hey Healthy Bunnies,
Hope you’re having a great Thursday so far. I just wanted to share with you that I received my wellness kit from Crafts & Glory and it is awesome!


 I’ve seen a ton of healthy and wellness kits, but not one specifically focused on mental and holistic  wellness. This one is specifically designed for improving and targeting holistic health. Most of us live busy, stressful lives and we do little intentionally to slow down and manage the stress that accumulates. I love that this kit provides an automatic reminder monthly by providing things to help you relax and be mindful. 


Here’s what came in the kit I got last month. I think my favorites were the intention  journal, the quote, satchel and the tea infused lollipop. To me the price  is more than worth the value of the products! 

If you’re interested in signing up, here’s the link!

How to Make a Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Hey healthy bunnies!

I’ve always wanted to try dragon fruit in a smoothie, but dragon fruit is pretty pricey. I recently found out many grocery stores carry it in the frozen aisle, and it is a lot more affordable this way.

dragon fruit pitaya pink

Some of the health benefits of eating this super fruit are:

  • helps lower cholesterol
  • good source of fiber
  • good source of vitamin c, b1, b2, and b3
  • contains active antioxidants
  • helps to reduce the signs of aging

What I also love, is the rich vibrant color it adds to my smoothies! I just posted a video on my YouTube channel and the description box has the ingredients to make it. I hope you will give it a try!


What I Eat in a Day # 3

Hey healthy bunnies!
I hope your week has gotten off to an amazing start!

I just uploaded another “What I Eat” in a day video. This one features a smoothie, low-carb vegan tacos, and a pumpkin stir fry. I also give a preview of the types of workouts I do, but I am happy to share more if it is of interest.

Enjoy the video and please share!



Hello, Autumn!


 The first day of Autumn is here! I am really looking forward to cooler temperatures, pulling out my boots and scarves, leaves crunching under my feet—and pumpkin everything! Yes, I am totally one of those people that thinks pumpkin flavored stuff is awesome!

As the seasons change, be mindful of your body. You may have different sleeping patterns, as we get less hours of daylight. Your allergies may calm or flare up depending on where you live. It is good to take note and act accordingly.
Speaking of allergies, I suffer from allergies when I go outdoors, and often take over the counter meds to combat them. Recently I found out that gingko is great supplement to take to block histamine. So far it seems to be helping! 
In the honor of the new season, I would like to offer you a discount code to use in my online store. Just enter “HELLO AUTUMN” at check out for 15% off.


Turmeric Smoothie: Using Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Calm the GI Tract

Hey healthy bunnies!

I have recently been getting a ton of questions about healing foods which aid digestion. There are many, and I plan to share in posts and videos. One thing that has amazing properties for reducing inflammation is turmeric. Turmeric reduces inflammation, menstrual difficulties, flatulence. It also increases brain function, improves antioxidant activity and can lower risk of heart disease.

What I like about using turmeric powder in smoothies is I cannot even detect the flavor.  So, you’re getter a serving of greens and the healing power of turmeric– sneaky sneaky!

If you prefer to see the video instead of video recipe, you can find it here:

final turmeric thumbbb

8oz chilled green tea
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 avocado
1 tsp ground turmeric
1 cup baby spinach
Sweetener (optional) : maple syrup or agave recommended

Blend till smooth and enjoy!

turmeric smoothie