Vacation in Hawaii: Waikiki Hiking, Surfing, and Food Adventures

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Earlier this week I posted a new vlog of my solo trip to O’ahu, Hawaii. I tried to share as much as was possible while also making sure safety was highest priority. You will see gorgeous  views and possible be sad that it’s not Summer anymore (if you live in the same hemisphere that I do).


Would you like to hear more tips and details about traveling solo? Let me know and I can share in another post or video.


My favorite thing was hiking and thing I am most proud of was braving the waters and going surfing! If you listened to one of my past podcasts, you will know this is a big deal. Even though there are things we may fear, it is good to stay on our toes and allow ourselves to expand and grow.





Google Hangouts with Simply Bakings

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I’m so excited to be hanging out with my pal, Lainey of Simply Bakings all weekend. We thought we would take advantage of the hang time and invite you all to join us. This Sunday (March 2nd at 4 PM Pacific time) we will have a live hangout on Lainey’s channel: and we will be answering all of your questions about cooking, baking, and healthy lifestyle. You can also ask questions about us personally since you’ve probably been following us a while now and you may be curious.

If you have any questions for us, comment on this blog or visit my hand page and inbox me ( You can also tweet it to me or Lainey;


We are so looking forward to hanging out with you!


The Divine Holiday Kickoff + Giveaway

Winter is here and it is time to prepare for the holidays. Welcome to Divine Holiday, your one-stop guide through the holiday season. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new DIY, health, and recipe tips that will leave you happy, healthy and holiday-ready! Enjoy!

Divine Hostess Camera Fundraising Campaign

Hey everyone! As you know, I’ve devoted a great deal of my effort and energy to my YouTube channel as a way to spread my message about wellness, and gives tips on cooking and hosting. My desire for 2014 is to really grow and expand. One thing that will help me do this is to better showcase my content with better technology. This is why I am raising funds to invest in a DSLR camera. The fundraising will help offset my costs as I invest in a DSLR and lenses. I want to thank each of you for your support on this journey. It can only get better!!



Please visit the site to donate to the campaign: Click here

New Series: Kitchen Quickies

From time to time I will be providing quick tips in the kitchen for health and cooking. Products, techniques and more. Feel free to send me a message if you have something you would like to see! The first of the series is about avocados, which I absolutely love! Don’t you hate it when the store has no ripened avocados, and you have to wait forever for them to soften? Check out this quick tip to speed up the process.

Eat like you love to live!



Blogstar Moms | Mama Naturalista

Marisol, known also as “Mama Naturalista” is a mother of 4 and a wife who continues to impress me. Being a mother of 4 is a big challenge, and yet she has still managed to keep up with social media and her blog. Her personality is fun because she is full of spunk and at the same time so  totally concerned with how to be more empowering others. Her virtues are obvious as you interact with her, since it’s nearly impossible to walk away from a conversation with her without feeling a little more positive, confident and hopeful. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did– she really embodies a great example of a strong woman.


Q1: How many children do you have and how do you find time to give each of them unique attention, and Still have time for your husband and also personal time for yourself? A1: I have 4 kids – 2 sons & 2 daughters! Well, finding time is the hard part… I ‘make’ time! My family is #1 so everything else I do is second or put on the back-burner! Hmmm, time for myself – I’m still working on that one! Ha, ha…
Q2: You always inspire me on Instagram with how active you are. Has it always been this way? What motivates you?mamanaturalista A2: You’re so sweet – thank you! Yes, I have always been an ‘On the Go’ kind of chica! I can’t seem to keep still… even when we go on vacay (this is rare) I find myself doing something, planning things and running around! My kids keep me on my toes too! They like to be out and about like their mama, so there’s never a dull moment in our company!
Q3: You always come up with such creative and fun hairdos. I know you also have a daughter. Do you have any advice for others who might be a little overwhelmed with caring for their own hair while caring for their children’s?photo  A3: Styles – Me?! I’m kinda-sorta ‘hair challenged’ but I try! Ha! Having daughters with natural hair while caring for your own can be quite the challenge… It can be done, though! All I can say is ‘patience’! I actually wrote some posts about it on my blog! Natural With Kids: How To Make It All Work Out With Home Hair Care! A Parent With Natural Hair and Natural Hair Kids! that helps!

How can my readers find you? What is your website, Facebook, etc?

OMG, where can’t they?! LOL I’m all over the place!





The Smoothieologist | Ty of the Green Regimen

I discovered Ty’s YouTube channel several weeks ago when I was looking up green smoothies. I found a ton of delicious recipes, and a man who is a total inspiration as he breaks down the importance of each ingredient. I’ve always said knowing why we should eat healthy really helps us stay dedicated. Dedicated is exactly the word I would use to describe Ty. Read on and get to know why you absolutely must begin the Green Regimen!

DSC00109 (2)(1)

How and when did you get into fitness?I grew up playing a lot of basketball so I’ve been pretty active since I was a kid.  However, in terms of being my life’s calling, I somewhat fell into fitness.  Back in 2010, my mother had emergency surgery to remove some cancerous cells that were found during an annual doctor’s visit.  I knew her recovery from the surgery would be pretty involved and would leave her with limited mobility while she healed.  After much research I decided to start making her green smoothies as they seemed to help with weight loss and were extremely nutritious.  I began drinking them, too, and immediately felt an increase in my energy level. By implementing green smoothies into her eating regimen, my mother lost over 50lbs.  I was elated by her results and at that point I decided that I needed to help others accomplish their health and fitness goals.I originally created The Green Regimen as a health and fitness blog, but now it has grown into a movement.  I receive countless e-mails from people all over the world, detailing how The Green Regimen’s smoothie recipes have changed their lives.
What is your diet?  I would classify myself as a Smoothievore because green smoothies are the staple of my eating regimen.  I easily consume between 10-12 cups of The Green Regimen smoothies per day.  However, I truly eat like I “love to live”.  I tend to eat based on how I feel.  I would say that 80% of my diet is vegetarian and 20% ground meat.  Some days my eating regimen may consist of all-vegan or vegetarian foods.  I’m not concerned with making sure that I eat five or six times per day.  I feel that you can become obsessed with such thinking and lose sight of your original goal.  Most importantly, I listen to my body.  Your body will tell you what it desires.  But I must be clear:  listen to your body, not your mind.  Your mind will play tricks on you and your body will reap the unfortunate result.
 Workout Thumbnail
What does your workout regimen look like? My workout regimen consists of three to four days of high intensity resistance training.  Prior to drinking green smoothies, I would work out six days per week.  However, between increasing my energy level, and enhancing my results in the gym, green smoothies have allowed me to reduce my workouts.I’ve found that once you achieve your fitness goals, green smoothies will help maintain your desired weight.  I am no different than anyone reading this article.  If you stay on The Green Regimen, you, too, can enjoy the benefits that green smoothies provide.
 DSC00096  DSC02027
 What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?  Why? I’m asked this question quite often.  Surprisingly enough, I don’t have a “favorite” recipe.  As you’ll see in my videos, I’ve made green smoothies in different countries around the world.  Every time I come across an exotic fruit, I add yet another ingredient to the mix.  Since the recipes keep tasting better and better, I’ve yet to claim a favorite recipe.  However, I will say that in terms of ingredients, more often than not, I love to use coconut water and a type of berry grown in South America called, Guarana.

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