Is it just completed a very fulfilling yoga session for strength and weight loss, I’ve taken a moment to slow down and rest in this feeling and also get my body hydrated. Not only am I thankful for the quiet time to practice yoga, I’m thankful that I have such easy access to clean drinking water.

I see the constant reminders in social media for each of us in the first world who have Internet access and smart phones and computers to remember to stay hydrated. I cannot help but think about how fortunate I am to be here in the United States where the water is clean enough to drink directly from the tap and I’ve never gone a day without access to clean drinking water to cook, bathe, drink, frolic in at a swimming pool.

It’s funny how we need such a reminder for something that would be considered a luxury in many parts of the world. The majority of the world’s population is far below the poverty line and here I am with access to water and I rarely even think about it. So at this very moment, I am taking some time to think of how grateful I am to have water to use as I please.

Would you like to know more about clean drinking water? Here are a few sites:

3. Children’s Safe Drinking Water


The Benefits of Water

This past Thursday I treated myself to a massage as a birthday gift to me. 🙂

I felt great after the massage except one thing – I forgot massages can be severely dehydrating and I was in a rush after that and really did not do a good job of drinking enough water.

You may know from previous posts of mine that once you are dehydrated it can take a couple of days for the body to recover. Since I’m going through this current discomfort, wanted to share with you all of the benefits of water. The video is less than one minute and you may find some new benefits to drinking water which will encourage you to get your minimum of 8 cups in!


Glam Water

I don’t know about you, but washing dishes is my least favorite chore! This is a shame because I’m constantly creating a mess in the kitchen as I create dishes for this blog and also my YouTube channel. I was especially tired the other day and decided to make myself a little drink to relax and reward myself before bed. I don’t drink alcohol, but I can still have a nightcap! 😉 The ingredients are simple:

Sparkling mineral water
Pomegranate seeds
The juice of half of a lime
One lime slice

I think the result is absolutely beautiful, especially since most of the pomegranate seeds float and I stay suspended in the water. Also, the drink isn’t sweet so it shouldn’t derail you from any of your health goals by having it any time of day.