The UK Travel Edition | The FifiCakes Replay

I’m currently in London having a complete blast! I will be posting a series of vlogs sharing what I ate, where I went and who I met. It’s been so much fun and I cannot wait until my next adventure! Here’s the first!┬áMake sure you watch till the very end so you can see the extraordinary dining experience I had at Inamo, a fusion style Japanese restaurant that uses very forward thinking technology. My only complaint about this place was that they did not allow us to take food home! Rather odd since the portions were large! Anyway, enjoy!



My Travel Essentials | Holiday in the UK

Hey healthy bunnies,

As you know, I’m currently in the UK visiting lovely friends, eating, walking, seeing the sites, and getting some much needed R&R. With all of that, I still have time to both vlog and blog and I’m happy to share it with you! Here’s the first of a series of 3 videos. This is my essential list of travel items for smooth sailing on the ocean of— yeah…let’s stop there with the corny analogies, shall we? Have a look at the video and feel free to share with me some of your essential items when you are going on holiday!