October Favorites!

1. Ultimate Woman Vitamin: Packed with high doses of essential vitamins for women with a slow release formula. There is an Ultimate Man vitamin as well! You can find this at Vitamin Shoppe.

2. Light coconut milk: an excellent alternative to cow’s milk for cooking and eating cereal. I am not a fan of the taste of almond or soy. Very inexpensive.

3. Agave syrup: Though the grams of sugar are no less than honey, this is a low glycemic index food. Click here for more information.

4. Dorot chopped cilantro (frozen): Dorot sells basil, garlic, and more. Very convenient for soups this winter!

5. Rapunzel Vegan Bouillon Cubes: I have never used a vegan substitute that did not taste like warm celery juice! This one is delicious and I finally do not have to feel guilty for missing chicken broth!

6. Flax seed meal: Flax seeds are a miracle! Not only can you blend them in a smoothie and make hair gel, but you can also use the ground flaxseeds to make a vegan substitute for eggs. Just mix with water. It works wonders when I make homemade veggie burgers.

7. Savory Thins: This is a Trader Joe’s product. These delicious crackers are only 130 calories for 15 crackers. Their savory and  nutty flavor make a great snack and can also be a part of a party platter.

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