5 Tips to Get Back on Track with Your 2016 Goals

I know what it is like to have huge goals set before me, and while I really want to accomplish them, I often get overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. It is common around this time of year to either lose momentum or get sidetracked.


You set those goals for a reason, and I know you can get there with the right mindset, preparation, and planning.


I created this video to encourage you and help you get back to where you need to be.

I had a little help from my adorable niece who can be seen (and heard) in the video. She’s getting so big!




Feel free to comment and share some of your 2016 goals!




Quick Tip #6| Food Handling Gloves

Purchase a box of food handling gloves and keep your kitchen stocked. These gloves are great for messy jobs like cleaning and deboning meat, dying foods, or when you have little helpers in your kitchen. It’s amazing how something as simple as disposable gloves can make a job in the kitchen far less daunting!