Fitness Gear Must-Haves by Stylist ZionRaiment

Rye of Zion Raiment shares his fitness gear must-haves which keep him fashionable, motivated, and well encouraged to push a little further on every single workout!

You will notice I’m a little bit of Nike junky. Nike has gotten a lot of my money in past and will continue to do so because their products don’t fail me. Also if I ever have an issue with any item, they have been responsive and provide corrective services.  -Rye

Nike Storm-Fit Tech Gloves

 nike elite storm fit gloves

These are my favorite gloves whether I’m running on a chilly day or playing soccer outdoors on a cold day.
The index finger tips on either hand allow you to use your touch screen phone while you wear them.
Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Compression 2.0 Shorts

nike pro combat shorts basketball

These shorts are designed for basketball for those hard falls and contact,  and I also use them for soccer as well. I also use the Nike Compression slider shorts as well.

Nike+ Fuelband SE

nike fuelband se

I like it because it my daily motivation and reminder to myself to be the best me  fitness-wise everyday.

Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour ID  Tennis Shoes

nike vapor tour shoes

I opted for Nike ID option for these because I play a lot of tennis. I’ve been playing tennis since I was about 12 years old. It’s important for me to play in gear that is comfortable in a way that is unique to me. One of the deciding factors that made go was the option to customize your traction for hard court, clay, or grass. 


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FitFeb| Drea’s Fab Picks for Workout Gear

tumblr_mhj6klpnok1rhmj7wo1_1280If you’re still trying to motivate yourself to get into the gym, maybe the secret isn’t having a trusty workout gal pal or a rigid routine. Maybe it’s all about being excited to get dressed for the gym. Surely, the gym isn’t a fashion show, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous while working out. Below, I’ve listed my top 6 fab picks that can help motivate you to get in the gym and keep you comfortable while you’re bouncing around toning up your booty and biceps!

  • Tank Tops:
    • Tip: Look for tank tops that will help keep you cool and dry at the gym. John Lewis, $15
  • Sports Bras: 
    • Tip: Invest in sports bras that are fully lined and well-fitted. H&M, $16
  • Yoga Pants:
    • Tip: These are most suitable for general exercise and when you’re doing yoga and/or pilates. Victoria’s Secret, $35
  • Water Bottle:
    • Tip: Purchase a water bottle that’s functional, BPA-free, and fabulous. Target, $16 
  • iPod/MP3 Player:
    • Tip: Download tunes that are upbeat, motivating, and fun to listen to.
  • Fab Footwear:

    • Tip: Of all the items, this is the one you should spend the most time on. Be sure to check prices, functionality, and comfort before purchasing a pair of sneakers for the gym. Nike, $155

As a final tip, I know some of you girls prefer to look presentable when at the gym, and that’s understandable. But, instead of wearing a full face of makeup, I suggest skipping the foundation and powder and only wearing a tinted moisturizer, a few coats of waterproof mascara and a non-tinted lip gloss.

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