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Marisol, known also as “Mama Naturalista” is a mother of 4 and a wife who continues to impress me. Being a mother of 4 is a big challenge, and yet she has still managed to keep up with social media and her blog. Her personality is fun because she is full of spunk and at the same time so  totally concerned with how to be more empowering others. Her virtues are obvious as you interact with her, since it’s nearly impossible to walk away from a conversation with her without feeling a little more positive, confident and hopeful. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did– she really embodies a great example of a strong woman.


Q1: How many children do you have and how do you find time to give each of them unique attention, and Still have time for your husband and also personal time for yourself? A1: I have 4 kids – 2 sons & 2 daughters! Well, finding time is the hard part… I ‘make’ time! My family is #1 so everything else I do is second or put on the back-burner! Hmmm, time for myself – I’m still working on that one! Ha, ha…
Q2: You always inspire me on Instagram with how active you are. Has it always been this way? What motivates you?mamanaturalista A2: You’re so sweet – thank you! Yes, I have always been an ‘On the Go’ kind of chica! I can’t seem to keep still… even when we go on vacay (this is rare) I find myself doing something, planning things and running around! My kids keep me on my toes too! They like to be out and about like their mama, so there’s never a dull moment in our company!
Q3: You always come up with such creative and fun hairdos. I know you also have a daughter. Do you have any advice for others who might be a little overwhelmed with caring for their own hair while caring for their children’s?photo  A3: Styles – Me?! I’m kinda-sorta ‘hair challenged’ but I try! Ha! Having daughters with natural hair while caring for your own can be quite the challenge… It can be done, though! All I can say is ‘patience’! I actually wrote some posts about it on my blog! Natural With Kids: How To Make It All Work Out With Home Hair Care! A Parent With Natural Hair and Natural Hair Kids! that helps!

How can my readers find you? What is your website, Facebook, etc?

OMG, where can’t they?! LOL I’m all over the place!