Blogstar Moms | NikG

This month, I will be featuring some really talented to women– and I love that it coincides with the month where we celebrate Mother’s Day! I appreciate all of them for what they do, and I’m very excited to share with  you. Make sure you check out their blogs after you read the interviews!

This week I’m featuring NikG. She’s got rockin’ style, gorgeous hair, and gracefully handles being a mother of two and a loving wife.


 Q1: You have amazing fashion sense! How do you find time to shop and coordinate outfits while taking care of your sons?  A1: Thank you!  I definitely don’t have the time nor energy to be as fashion conscious as I once was–you know, keeping up with all the trends, etc.  I use to devour fashion mags, but I don’t have the time that I use to, being a full-time mom and part-time student.  Instead I like to read fashion blogs to keep up with what’s hot at the moment.  I think fashion blogs give a more “real life” spin on trends, etc.  As far as actually shopping–I probably buy about 80% of my clothes/shoes/accessories online.  That’s the only way I can fit it in!
 nikg2 Q2: You’re very fit and often found outdoors in your photos. To what do you most attribute keeping a great figure?

A2: I can’t deny that body type leans towards being slim without much effort (Thanks, Mom!).  But, I do enjoy working out because of how it makes me feel.  Working out makes me feel energized, and it’s also good for the mind.  It’s like my own little quiet time with my thoughts.  I prefer working out outside (running or walking).  I love the sun, breeze and nature so it makes those runs more bearable.  I think a treadmill is a torture machine.  There is no way I could “zone” out on it which I need to do while running when I’m looking at the same thing in front of me.  I DO use treadmills in the winter, however, but I only power walk on an incline on them–I can’t get my mind right enough to run on them.  Any runner knows that running is about 80% mental!  I also use a few weight machines on occasion and I do yoga sporadically as well.  Mostly, I’m outside with my kids and the double-jog stroller getting it in.   I also eat fairly healthy.  I splurge just like anyone else, but I balance that out with working out and trying to eat healthy most days.

Q3:What’s the most fun/amazing part about being a mother and a wife?

A3: I think the most fun/amazing part of being a wife/mom is actually discovering new sides of myself.  Prior to having kids and getting married, no one who knows me would consider me nurturing or domestic. I didn’t consider myself that either, and was never really sure I ever wanted that life either.  Needless to say, “life is what happens when you’re making other plans” and it just worked out that way for me.  I actually couldn’t be happier.  After almost 5 years of marriage and 2 kids later, I’m still learning and growing as a wife and mother.  I’m still discovering ways at being better at both, and am becoming more fulfilled from this role everyday.  I don’t think initially it was an automatic or easy transition for me, but I’ve learned to embrace it and now I take a lot of pride in being the most important person in all of these people’s lives (laughs).

 Where can my readers find you in social media?  Well as you know, I have a lifestyle blog at  All of my other social media outlets can be found on there (Twitter, Instagram, FB, Pinterest).