Ade, Owner of Noah’s Crew Boutique

I’ve followed Ade for some time on Twitter and she is a great mom as well as a talented designer. I wanted to interview her and take the time to share with all of my readers. The creations in her boutique are right on time for ordering great Christmas gifts.
Q: I know you’re a mom. What are some cool dishes you make for your children that are both fun & healthy?
A:  I’m a mom of two beautiful daughters, a 23 month old very “picky eater” and an 8 year old.  A win-win meal in my home is salmon, either grilled or lightly pan fried in olive oil with salad topped with black bean and corn salsa. If I’m not doing the salad, then it would be steamed mixed vegetables or steamed carrots, broccoli and zucchini. I love quick meals.
Q: How do you keep active & fit with such a busy schedule?
A: It is often challenging to find time for myself being a wife, a stay at home mom of little kids, and business owner.  I find  we make time for what is important to us no matter the circumstances. I am  important in the whole equation and its very important for me to stay healthy.  So, even though I am not quite a morning person and I thought I could never work out in the mornings, I have been having to do just that.  I took over dropping my 8 year old off in the morning so I can head to the gym before my husband jets off to work.  It is such a normal routine for me now and of course running after an active toddler helps too! 🙂
Q: What are your areas of focus for health for you and your family?
A: The areas of focus for health for my family as a whole is really just eating right, trying to maintain a balanced diet, and exercising.
Q: Tell me about your Etsy boutique. What are some favorites in your collection?
A: Thank you for allowing me to share my store:
Its a one stop shop for handmade contemporary African inspired designs. The store was born after I finished graduate school, became pregnant with my 2nd daughter, and decided I wanted to be a SAHM. It has since evolved from making hair clips for the girls and myself  into a greater passion especially for African wax print.  All the items in my shop are handmade by me. It is really hard for me to choose a favorite and I am often tempted to keep them for myself! (laughs) I console myself knowing that I can simply just make myself another one.
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