Shining Bright in High Pressure Situations

This episode is about the beauty of high pressure situations. We’ve all had times when we are under pressure and though it is difficult, what it yields can be beautiful and worth the pain or discomfort. I want to help you think about the benefits you gain from tough situations that in all honesty—we can’t usually avoid.

Previously air on November 28, 2016


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36 Ways to Relieve Stress

While I love the holidays, it seems like it is the most stressful time of year. If you are student, finals are near and if you are a working professional, you have more deadlines than you can count. Parents have to juggle their busy schedules with children being on vacation and the list goes on…

Maybe you can relate to how I look here:

What do you do to decompress? Sometimes, I am too stressed to undo the stress. It doesn’t make much sense, but it is true. As I work on my computer to finish reports, I find my shoulders hunched, neck tense, eyes strained and I wonder how long it has been going on. Now, even if I have to set a daily reminder for myself, I take 5 or 10 minutes throughout the day to do something that will recharge me and help me focus so that I may better complete tasks. I am sure the list doesn’t stop at 36, so feel free to share with me what techniques you use!

  1. Pray.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Take a shower.
  4. Go for a walk.
  5. Eat right.
  6. Eat often!
  7. Walk your pet (If you have a goldfish, my apologies).
  8. Train hard in the gym.
  9. Play a board game.
  10. Eat slowly, savoring every bite of food.
  11. Read a fiction novel.
  12. Help the less fortunate.
  13. Smile
  14. Clean.
  15. Cook.
  16. Practice yoga.
  17. Make a list of things you were able to accomplish in a day or week.
  18. Cancel your appointments.
  19. Daydream.
  20. Eat outdoors.
  21. Breathe deeply.
  22. Call a friend.
  23. Get a massage (Don’t forget there are massage schools that offer super discounted rates!).
  24. Watch a funny movie or show.
  25. Hug someone.
  26. Read your favorite childhood novel.
  27. Hang out with a child.
  28. Resist the urge to complain.
  29. Make yourself a cup of tea.
  30. Draw or paint.
  31. Stretch.
  32. Write in a journal.
  33. Ask for help.
  34. Add soothing fragrances to your home such as lavender, eucalyptus or chamomile.
  35. Write a letter rather than texting or calling.
  36. Shut off social media for a day.