Potapas Gluten-free Tortillas Giveaway

Hey healthy bunnies,

Happy Monday!

I have some good news– I have an awesome and easy giveaway contest for you to participate in.


I started using Potapas tortillas more than 6 months ago when I found them at Sprouts. The neat thing is they are low in carbs, no sugar, gluten free, and contain no nuts, soy or corn. I have a ton of food allergies and it is so incredible to have an option when I get tired of romaine or collard wraps. Made primarily of potato– they lack nothing in flavor and substance, and to me taste better than flour tortillas.

potapas collage.jpg
I loved them so much that I wanted you all to have a chance to try them. The amazing owner of Potapas has agreed to give away two (2) prize packs which will include a total of four (4) packs of tortilla– a mix  of potato and sweet potato.

See the link below to see the contest and rules!


Potapas giveaway


Good luck!


The Divine Holiday Kickoff + Giveaway

Winter is here and it is time to prepare for the holidays. Welcome to Divine Holiday, your one-stop guide through the holiday season. Tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new DIY, health, and recipe tips that will leave you happy, healthy and holiday-ready! Enjoy!

Winter Collaborative Giveaway!

I am so excited about all the amazing prizes we are giving away on our channels! In order to enter this contest, participants must be subscribed to all of the following channels:


*This contest is open worldwide and for a month. This contest will close on the 13th of February 2013.

Trader Joe’s Gift Card Contest!!! (Again)

As many of you know, a store I frequent for unique, healthy and affordable items is Trader Joe’s. Many who have never been inside think it will be too expensive or filled with fancy items that they will never use. I disagree. Trader Joe’s is where you can find foods like cookie butter, lemon pepper flavored noodles, curry sauces, spices for under $2, and pink salt! It’s awesome, and I can’t get enough. So let’s make a deal….

I am doing a contest. There will be two winners:

1. I will use a random selector for those follow me on Twitter, Facebook or subscribe to my blog. Send email to fifi@thedivinehostess.com with your name and screen name on Twitter, FB or the email you used to subscribe. The winner will receive a $5 gift card to Trader Joe’s by mail.

2. The first person to submit a photo of any of my blog recipes WITH a short review of how it turned out will win a $10 gift card to Trader Joe’s by mail.


***Contest closes Sunday at MIDNIGHT***