10 Tips for Easy Meal Prepping

Many people lead such busy lives that they have to make a decision of which is more valuable to them– time, or money. It’s really a tough call, but when you make health the priority, it is an easier choice. Lunch breaks nowadays are used to make phone calls, run errands, and basically do anything BUT take an actual break. I find that if I pack my lunch (and breakfast too) I am likely to take a real break, and I eat healthier too! The added bonus of meal prepping is that you save money. You really can eat well for just a couple dollars per meal. Here are my top 10 tips for making meal prepping easier.

  1. Different sized durable containers are important. Use glass and BPA free plastic.
  2. Plan meals with recipes and then grocery shop if needed.
  3. Be sure to use measuring cups when portioning off each meal.
  4. Overnight oats are a great option for people who bring their breakfast to work. You can eat them warm or cold, and you get to skip cook time and will not have to wash a pot.
  5. A food scale is crucial. Make sure you know that most meat servings are 3 oz, a half a cup of veggies is one serving when  cooked, while usually 1 cup when raw is a full serving.
  6. When cooking veggies, leave them crisp. They will be getting microwaved again, so you don’t want them to lose their value.
  7. When storing hot food, allow to cool a little before sealing container. The rule is typically if the food is hotter than 90 degrees, let it cool for about 20 minutes.
  8. Store sauces separately to keep the food tasting nice and fresh!
  9. Don’t forget to pack vitamins!
  10. Get an insulating container for your food to avoid bacteria growth. I got this lunch bag at Bed Bath and Beyond for $7. The cooling pack is very effective and necessary if your food will not be refrigerated within 2 hours– or if you have those bold coworkers who will eat food that does not belong to them.

Here is also a video I made on meal prepping: