My Top 5 Tips for the Daniel Fast

In the month of January, a lot of people start the Daniel Fast on their own, or with their church. I’ve done it many times now, so I want to share some tips that have been very helpful for me. Whether your’re doing the full 21 days, or you chosen set of days, it’s all about planning and preparation.


  1. Read The Chosen Fast by Arthur Wallis. This book is extremely helpful and it happens to be a quick read.It breaks down the difference between fasting and abstinence and gives biblical reference for the reasons for doing it. When you truly understand the purpose of your actions, they are easier to commit to.
  2. Meal prep. Since you’re eating in a way you are not as accustomed to, it is best to prepare meals ahead of time. You don’t want to wait till you’re super hungry and then have to scavenge for an appropriate meal for yourself. What will likely happen is you will find yourself breaking the rules and guidelines you set.
  3. Do your research. What types of meals do you want to eat each week? Look for recipes and get an understanding of what plant-based substitutes will work best for you.
  4. Try to minimize your refined sugar and salt intake. This is up to you, but I use this time as an opportunity to cleanse. Removing meat isn’t the main point– the point is to remove rich foods from the diet. I commit to drinking more water, getting more sleep, and eating no refined sugar. There are lots of other options, but generally I use bananas and dates to sweeten just about anything,
  5. Remember that it’s not about food. Some days might be harder than others. Whenever I fast, I get people offering to buy me lunch, or bringing me treats. It can be hard to turn down. I have to remember the focus is supposed to be taken off of food. It gives me an opportunity to see food simply as sustenance and to focus on my relationship with God. ┬áSome days, I kept it really simple– for breakfast, hot cereal sweetened with berries and dates, lunch a kale salad with nuts and homemade dressing, and for dinner a nourishing bowl of brown rice, black beans, salsa, and avocado.

Here are a few recipes you may enjoy!

Chana Masala

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Daniel Fast: My Top Picks

Though I’m still getting used to saying, “2013” I’m happy to live to see another year! Many people like to reset their body for optimal health by doing a fast. Fasting has varying levels– no water or food, no food, or even just abstaining from certain foods. Almost every year I participate in a 21 day Daniel Fast which can really vary from person to person. It is a great alternative for those who cannot do a full fast for medical reasons such as needing to take medication or issues with blood sugar. You still receive many benefits from this. Though I don’t believe it is mentioned, during this time I also remove salt from my diet and only sweeten food with things found in nature such as dates. 21 days is a long time and so many by about the 7th day really have no idea what they can eat! I’ve made a list of my favorite foods to consume during this time. I leave out salt and replace with 21 seasoning and lemon juice. Some people cut out oil, but I think it is a necessary part of the diet, especially at this time.

1. Confetti Oatmeal

2. Naturally sweetened oatmeal

3. Sleeveless burrito

4. Vegan green smoothie

5. Quinoa Lentil Pilaf

6. Overnight Oats

7. Roasted vegetables

8. Stir-fry

9. Sweet potato curry

10. Simple dinner salad

11. Kale chips

12. Asian tofu stew

13. Cabbage soup

14. Lentil soup

15. Cajun brown rice with veggies