The Hollywood Trainer – Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland


Kelly Rowland recently released a stellar abs workout video with her good friend and celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins. It’s about time! Jeanette Jenkins has a long standing reputation of whipping various celebrities into shape as well as inspiring others to go the extra mile to stay fit. Meanwhile, Kelly has been showing off her toned and feminine body over the last couple years, but especially with her new album, Talk A Good Game. I am pretty interested in the video, because the weather is cooling down and it’s not as easy to work out outdoors. I am also a fan of workouts that help maintain a more feminine form while toning and firming.

What do you think? Will you be purchasing this workout video set?

A Day at The Ranch Malibu

When I was asked to join a group of fitness bloggers to experience and observe what this wonderful place, The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu had to offer for jump-starting fitness and facilitating weight loss, I was completely excited! Now I can share my firsthand knowledge with others who may benefit from this completely amazing and energizing experience.

The Ranch

 101_1121  101_1120
 101_1135  101_1117

The ranch itself is one very large plot of land just a few miles from the ocean, and just far enough off the beaten path to feel like it is a far away place. The less distractions during this journey, the better! In fact, my cell phone did not even have reception, which is probably a good thing. The grounds have a fitness facility, plenty of land to hike, an organic farm, a vacation-worthy pool, and more. The sleeping arrangements were nice and serene just like the rest of the grounds, and there is laundry service too! They are very well equipped to handle all the special care needed for fitness gear.



With the exception of one breakfast food item, the ranch is completely vegan. I loved the reasoning given for the ranch for being mostly vegan– it was to completely simplify the diet to whole, plant-based foods, to give the body a good baseline for how it performs and responds in terms of allergens, inflammation, exercise, and energy levels.We found that we were able to have full energy to attack each exercise challenge as we learned that plants fill the stomach and provide vital nutrients at a much better rate than do processed foods. This picture shows 120 calories of nuts, oil, kale, refined sugar, and spinach. Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat on the planet!


At lunch we had a totally yummy massaged kale salad featuring chick peas, pickled red onion and olives.


Dinner was even more amazing– a “veganized” bolognese with celery noodles and lima beans with lovely cashew shavings that really reminded me of Parmesan cheese. Honestly, I am not a big fan of celery but I loved this!



A normal day for a guest would include 8 to 10 hours of fitness (lots of walking) meals, snacks, possibly time at the pool, rest time, and a massage. 8 to 10 hours would have seemed like a very long time had I not experience it firsthand. On this day, we got about 6 hours of fitness in with hiking, a TRX class, a yoga class, and foam rolling to loosen up difficult-to-stretch and tight muscles. My favorite class will come as no surprise to you– it was the 75 minute yoga class with instructor Ted! He was a great teacher, and I loved that the course had parts that were dynamic and aerobic, and other parts that were more focused on lengthening and strengthening the muscles. Check it out, I’m wearing the yoga pants I recently bought from Athleta! 🙂


One important observation I have was on this day of attendance, all the leaders and instructors were men. Some of the nurturing and intuitive qualities that are so often associated with women were not spared that day. They were all amazingly attentive, patient and encouraging. I can’t think of a better place to recommend for someone who is very serious about turning their health around and getting back on track!

Want to see more? Check out this video overview:

Remember my philosophy: Eat like you love to live! ❤

Blogstar Moms | Not So Soccer Mom

I first met Jill via Twitter through a mutual friend, and funny enough I was actually looking to interview her back then as well. I admired her work, and as a graduate student and budding entrepreneur– I wanted to gather as much information as possible before really launching The Divine Hostess. I was surprised that Jill could make any time to talk being married, a mother of 4 children ages 4 to 15, and a radio host who seems to always be in motion. She found the time for me, though and has in many ways been a mentor and great example to me more than she realizes. I hope you enjoy Jill’s interview and will support her wonderful site!


 Q1: You have such a unique job and it seems to suit you as a mom of 4 busy children. How did your job come about?Photo on 2013-03-15 at 19.53 #3  A1: Thank you. I guess that’s the way my mom parented me. She was never un-interested, but we had to be responsible and make our own choices and be independent thinkers. As a result, my parents definitely lived a life that was focused on having their own life– not just staring at kids once they had them and wondering “what next?”   As for my job, when my husband and children and I moved to Connecticut in 2005 after living in Little Rock for 9 years, I felt alone and started writing a ‘blog’ — which was just an email to friends because i didn’t know how to set up a real blog– which grew. It then got a name (NotSoSoccermom) which describes the vibe perfectly and became a dotcom and led to my radio show and book (which I am currently editing).
 Q2: You and your husband are so fit! What motivates you to stay active?38172_1531161165930_3580907_nA2: I never was thin growing up.  I made cheerleading in high school, but was definitely the most ‘zaftig’ girl on the squad (it was the 80’s after all– even Cindy Crawford was a 4-6 back then and she’s a 0-2 now).  Same with the collegiate dance team… When I graduated from college and was selling advertising at the radio station, I gained some weight and it was time to make (I designed and had custom made) my wedding dress.  I thought, I need to have that dress be a little smaller so I went for a walk that night (I remember this vividly because my walking path was right by Kickapoo High School, Brad Pitt’s alma mater) and I’ve worked out every day since.  I started walking. For a few years, when I officed from home, I ran (2x’s a day).  Then it turned to a gym membership when I hurt my tailbone and couldn’t run or walk. From there, it was cross trainers, etc.  I never did group fitness until one day in 2009 I had to film a Zumba class for a fellow online host who was doing a vlog.  I started being a Zumba regular and became certified shortly thereafter.
My husband has done 19 marathons. He was just in Boston on the tragic day and is safe as are our running friends, but we’re of course heartbroken. He started running when our oldest were 2 and 3 when he realized things like dinner hour and family time had to happen in the evenings. So he chose running to keep fit— actually to keep from being TOO thin as he has a bizarre metabolism.  Ever since, he’s chosen to get up at 5am to get his run in.  It’s his peace. Our kids know that sometime throughout the course of everyday, we’ll be getting a workout in.   It’s not IF, it’s when. It’s easier to keep constant than go through huge phases and up and down fitness swings.  Since my husband is in pretty incredible shape, I once was asked, “Do you workout all the time so your husband doesn’t get mad at you? Ya know, because he’s really fit.”  My answer- NOPE. I’m all self-motivated. We both know that it helps our psyches, our pride in ourselves and each other and sets a great example for our kids.
He’s motivated by his next race and staying outstanding. I’m motivated by my jeans fitting and my quiet time (or not so quite time–music!) on the treadmill or at class or swinging a kettlebell. I have no problem running around town sweaty or borrowing someone’s machine if the gym is closed on a snow day. I once hauled a half-doped up 7 year old in to the gym from a dental apt and set her on a gym towel while I hit the machine. Some say that’s crazy and there’s no way to schedule going every day. I say it’s my priority and it’s my fun.    And I know now it’s paid off, because my teenagers (girls 15 & 14)  are proud– do we think they’d ever admit it? Lol!
 Q3: How do you find time to give each of your children and husband attention?

54269Jill 12619_n

A3: It’s easy to give my husband attention because he’s with me all day everyday. We’re starting our own company (a staffing franchise) and we work side by side. He and I and our son (age 4) are at the house working from the desk all day Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.   Plus giving my husband attention is key to who I am, and really– the gist of the Not So Soccer Mom ‘brand’. We’ve always had to make our own way as far as social outings, never had family in any town we’ve lived. So finding babysitters was key. I’m not a real good sitter-arounder and I had faith my kids would not crumble if we — gasp– left their sides for a few hours and focused on each other.  Over about 9 years my husband won 23 or so award trips.  Never missed one. I always say, “I’ll find a sitter. I’ll find a competent caregiver.”

Our marriage is, I feel, bizarrely strong and I attribute that to us making a focus on each other.

Of course our kids are key, too. To spend time with each is quite easy because they all have different ‘moments’. My two big kids are going to be in 10th and 9th grade in the fall, thus they’re hyper-scheduled. But they know time with siblings is key to us and really don’t beg to ‘go out’ on Fridays. As a matter of fact they LOVE when we go out for date night on Fridays and all four (girls 15,14 &11 and the boy 4) kick it around the house.  They all hang together, no matter what ages or gender.   My younger two are physically closer because of their schedules and age.   We’re a pretty close family.
Thank you for showing interest in my family and me, Fifi.  As you know I’m a big fan of everything YOU do and am honored to be a fellow blogger/ fitness fan and friend of yours!
 How can my readers keep in touch with you?  My writing is at

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Twitter is @NotSoSoccerMom
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The Smoothieologist | Ty of the Green Regimen

I discovered Ty’s YouTube channel several weeks ago when I was looking up green smoothies. I found a ton of delicious recipes, and a man who is a total inspiration as he breaks down the importance of each ingredient. I’ve always said knowing why we should eat healthy really helps us stay dedicated. Dedicated is exactly the word I would use to describe Ty. Read on and get to know why you absolutely must begin the Green Regimen!

DSC00109 (2)(1)

How and when did you get into fitness?I grew up playing a lot of basketball so I’ve been pretty active since I was a kid.  However, in terms of being my life’s calling, I somewhat fell into fitness.  Back in 2010, my mother had emergency surgery to remove some cancerous cells that were found during an annual doctor’s visit.  I knew her recovery from the surgery would be pretty involved and would leave her with limited mobility while she healed.  After much research I decided to start making her green smoothies as they seemed to help with weight loss and were extremely nutritious.  I began drinking them, too, and immediately felt an increase in my energy level. By implementing green smoothies into her eating regimen, my mother lost over 50lbs.  I was elated by her results and at that point I decided that I needed to help others accomplish their health and fitness goals.I originally created The Green Regimen as a health and fitness blog, but now it has grown into a movement.  I receive countless e-mails from people all over the world, detailing how The Green Regimen’s smoothie recipes have changed their lives.
What is your diet?  I would classify myself as a Smoothievore because green smoothies are the staple of my eating regimen.  I easily consume between 10-12 cups of The Green Regimen smoothies per day.  However, I truly eat like I “love to live”.  I tend to eat based on how I feel.  I would say that 80% of my diet is vegetarian and 20% ground meat.  Some days my eating regimen may consist of all-vegan or vegetarian foods.  I’m not concerned with making sure that I eat five or six times per day.  I feel that you can become obsessed with such thinking and lose sight of your original goal.  Most importantly, I listen to my body.  Your body will tell you what it desires.  But I must be clear:  listen to your body, not your mind.  Your mind will play tricks on you and your body will reap the unfortunate result.
 Workout Thumbnail
What does your workout regimen look like? My workout regimen consists of three to four days of high intensity resistance training.  Prior to drinking green smoothies, I would work out six days per week.  However, between increasing my energy level, and enhancing my results in the gym, green smoothies have allowed me to reduce my workouts.I’ve found that once you achieve your fitness goals, green smoothies will help maintain your desired weight.  I am no different than anyone reading this article.  If you stay on The Green Regimen, you, too, can enjoy the benefits that green smoothies provide.
 DSC00096  DSC02027
 What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?  Why? I’m asked this question quite often.  Surprisingly enough, I don’t have a “favorite” recipe.  As you’ll see in my videos, I’ve made green smoothies in different countries around the world.  Every time I come across an exotic fruit, I add yet another ingredient to the mix.  Since the recipes keep tasting better and better, I’ve yet to claim a favorite recipe.  However, I will say that in terms of ingredients, more often than not, I love to use coconut water and a type of berry grown in South America called, Guarana.

Get in touch with Ty:


The Coach | Men’s Health

Fitness is a lifelong journey and on that journey, everyone needs a mentor or a coach at some point. I found LaMar’s channel of months ago and one thing you will recognize immediately is his confident and positive demeanor. He takes a holistic approach to health, realizing that no two people will have the exact same need or goals. He doesn’t just coach and train, though. He lives it. LaMar is a fitness model, coach, and also involved in fashion with his fitness clothing line. No matter where you are in your journey, I’m sure you’ll find his story as inspiring as I did!


Young LaMar

Young LaMar

Q1:Have you always been into fitness? When did it begin?

A1: I have been around fitness my entire life, but I wasn’t the least bit interested in it.
My father trained day after day in my house hold and I remember always joining in
because I loved my dad, wanted to be around him, and thought it was a game. Once
I got a little older, I lost most of my desire about health, fitness, or body building.
So I only exercised over the years, but nothing serious.

Q2: How did you come up with this amazing business?

A2: After not taking health and fitness seriously, it wasn’t until I was in San Diego and my mother expressed to me how unhappy she was with her weight. I’ve always wanted her to try and get healthier, but didn’t know how to help her as she was pretty overweight. I started reading everything I could on nutrition so that I could help her from a distance since I lived in Los Angeles and was unable to help her with the fitness portion of things. The more I learned, the more I worked on my own health and fitness. My mother lost over 30 lbs, I made a few posts on Facebook, and 200+ clients later the Body Bandit movement had begun. My brother and I started a YouTube page to try and help more people and it has been building gradually since December 2012. I work the fitness in with my fashion background to offer lots of health & fitness clothing and accessories on my website.
Q3: What keeps you motivated to stay fit and healthy?

A3: There are a few things that really help me stay motived:

  • Leading my Body Bandit support. With so many people looking for help , it’s a good idea to lead by example.
  • By staying in the best shape I can & constantly striving to improve increases my my chance of landing potential jobs
Q4: What is one tip you would give someone who hasn’t started their fitness journey yet? A4: If I had to give one tip I would say if you’ve been spinning your wheels for awhile to seek a credible source to help you. When I say credible, I don’t mean a doctor or personal trainer. Both are great, but they do not always have all the information you need. You want to get help from someone with client results. It will be the best small investment you’ve made. If I did that earlier, I would be so far ahead of where I am now. The issue for me was I didn’t know what a health coach was, or that ordinary people could have more knowledge to transform my body than some of those with professional certifications.
Q5: How can others get involved? I’m sure many might like to hire you for your services soon. If someone wanted to be coached by myself, they would simply need to send an email to with their current age, height, weight, and goal. I’ve been doing my running my clothing brand Superfresh since 2008. I created it as a limited edition source to get fresh underground clothing and accessories.
Check out LaMar’s channel and subscribe:

FitFeb| Finding Motivation to Move

by Coach P


For most of us, daily physical activity can be seen as a burden, even arduous. In reality, we end up suffering in the long run. Considering the fact that one third of Americans are overweight and the obesity epidemic is continuing to rise throughout the U.S. according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (

We see and some of us know firsthand the effects of not exercising, but still find it hard to get active. There are many complex reasons why you may not be a fan of exercising. It may be due to scheduling conflicts, economics, illnesses and or you just don’t want to. Could the benefits change our perception? Would a leaner body, decrease of stress, chronic illness reduction, and an increase of energy motivate you to exercise?

Regardless of the great benefits, I sometimes find it difficult to exercise when I lack motivation. It’s not rocket science. I finally realized if the benefits alone weren’t enough to persuade me, then maybe the actual exercise modality could. The trick was finding something that I enjoy. I found my enjoyment in yoga. I go to classes or do it right from the comfort of home. I also find it therapeutic and relaxing! Who doesn’t enjoy relaxation?!

Maybe yoga isn’t your cup of tea. Try other enjoyable activities such as bowling, cycling, walking, horseback riding, golfing, racquetball, skating, and so many other different activities. Fitness experts have told me physical activity should be enjoyable and it shouldn’t have to be limited to a gym. Exercising can incorporate a wide range of things. There is no one activity that is better than another. As long as calories are burning and muscles are functioning; your enjoyment is not in vain. So find out what you enjoy doing and watch how your perception of exercising changes. When you enjoy the modality, motivation becomes second nature.

Last but not least, think positive. It may be a cliché, but positive thoughts play a major role in your perspective and in giving you motivation. When you are hopeful and optimistic about the task at hand, you will be motivated to get off your butt and move. Remember, every action begins with a single thought. Let’s move!

Feel free to share what motivates you and let’s get moving!

Coach P. is a Wellness Coach and Nutrition Expert from New Jersey. She is a WEGO Health, Health Activist and a member of The American Nutrition Association. “Healthy living isn’t about perfection. It’s all about balance; besides, I appreciate cheat days.” – Coach P. Connect with her on Twitter @coachpcare and

Divine Fitness| FitFeb!


Hey everyone! January zoomed by before I could even get used to writing “2013” and now it’s February! The month of January seems to naturally lend itself to eating healthy  because people have many regrets after eating over the holidays. I am very excited to  start a new series for this month: FitFeb! It will be focused mostly on fitness.  For this month, I will focus on workouts, workout gear, products, and more. Look forward to lots of guest writers, weight loss stories, and ideas for ways to stay fit! If you have topics or questions you’d like covered, feel free to visit and send me a message.



Keep Calm and Work Out!

I love clothing items that are both fashionable and functional, and let’s face it– if it’s fashionable, it is functional! I make no apologies for being motivated by cute workout clothes. None at all. I don’t need to walk into the gym looking like a Maxim model, but there is no reason to wear my boyfriend’s basketball shorts either! Heaven forbid I do it, but that would be the day I run into everyone I know, and cameras on phones are sneaky these days!

I jest, but there is something much more effective about working out in clothes that fit. Fitted clothing will allow you to see and be aware of your body’s alignment at all times. There are mirrors in gyms for a reason. Your core will receive the fullest workout when you keep your posture correct during your lunges, jogging or elliptical time. Properly fitting pants? You can actually see your feet and their alignment with your knees. All of this truly matters. Who has time for an injury, anyway?

The shirt I’m wearing is from a darling Etsy boutique and they make the shirt when you order it. Check out the video so you can see the surprisingly cute back detail!