DIY: Festive Holiday Plates

This weekend I had an adventure as I prepared for my next DIY video. I could visualize exactly what I wanted to create, but I really had no idea where I might find the products. I desired I create holiday plates that are reminiscent only of a beautiful winter, so that their use isn’t limited to just Christmas. It took going to 4 stores to find the right plates (who knew the dollar store would be the jackpot), 3 attempts, and a LOT of Internet reattach. My final product became the beautiful decorative plates you see below. Make sure you also check out the video at!


How to Decorate Holiday Candles (DIY)

This is a very simple DIY that will add a nice holiday touch to your home decor, or make a great gift. Now that I’ve discovered how easy it is to decorate candles, I will use this method all year around!