Fighting the Winter Cold & Flu

There’s really no convenient time to get sick, but I really hate getting sick in the Winter because it’s cold, gets dark faster, and there are many damp rainy days. There are some things you can do to prevent getting a cold in the first place, and things you can do if you’re currently sick. I’m sharing my top 7 tips for fighting the cold and flu. If you’re not much into reading blog posts, I recommend you skip to the video and get my easy and  quick tips that way!

  1. Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated has so many benefits, especially when you are feeling sick.If you are properly hydrated this will help you decongest, and it will also help rid your body of toxins. If you have a sore throat, opt for room temperature or warm water. You can add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and a little honey to make the drink even more soothing for your throat.fullsizerender-1
  2. Get lots of rest. Some of us are not so great with sitting still because we feel idle and non-productive. Resting and letting your body heal is very productive! If you took the day off of work, maybe try not still working from home, but instead set up a comfortable place to rest and make sure you’re warm, getting enough fresh air, and have everything you will need within reach. I tend to camp out in my bed rather than the couch, because my bed is easier to disinfect than my couch. I bring in a tray with tea, cough drops, water, a good book, my laptop for movies, warm socks, and an aromatic candle. Make yourself comfortable and force yourself to rest.
  3. Blend dark leafy greens into your smoothies. Consuming dark leafy greens will give you a huge boost in vitamin C. If you’re sick you may not have much of an appetite or have trouble swallowing due to swollen tonsils or a sore throat. A smoothie is a way to get a meal that is rich in nutrients, but not a hassle to eat. You can also add other supplements to the drink. I love adding baby spinach to smoothies since it blends easily and you can add about 3 cups without noticing the flavor.turmeric smoothieee
  4. Drink fruit and herb infused water. I love infusing water with citrus and herbs which not only tastes good, but has many health benefits. I feel like it freshens and perks me up  as well since sometimes sickness can give me this slow, sluggish, toxic feeling. I made a video of my favorite ways to infuse water, so you can check that out as well. image-1-1
  5. Don’t overdo it. Some people like to just ignore the cold and go about their day hoping it’ll just get better without effort. This rarely works. What is likely to happen is you go to work and spread germs, overexert yourself and end up feeling worse, and now instead of needing 1 day of rest, you need more. We all have to get rid of the guilt from taking a day off, and just do it. When you need time to get well, take it! You can skip a gym  day and you can also skip work.
  6. Steam vapors. I like to take a hot shower and let the steam open up my lungs when I have an upper respiratory infection. I usually will do this twice a day to improve breathing and this helps me not cough as much. When I get out of the shower, I rub a small amount of essential oil on my chest.
  7. Know when it’s time to visit the doctor. One time I had a horrible cold with a cough that just would not quit! It persisted for more than five days and I felt awful, so I finally went to urgent care. It turns out I had whooping cough and needed anti-biotics. I had been coughing for days at that point, and had actually cracked a rib. It was so painful. If your sickness feels more severe than usual or continues to persist, call or visit your doctor.


Here’s a video I made that you can share with others and help people get well and stay well!