7 Reasons Your Skin Is Breaking Out!

7 Reasons Your Skin Is Breaking Out


I used to spend so much money on products to clear my skin, lighten dark spots, and tame acne. Little did I know, some of the habits I had were contributing to m unhappy skin. Here are 7 things I’ve done to achieve clearer skin!

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1. Dirty makeup brushes. Oh my gosh, healthy bunnies! This one is major. I’m ashamed to say when I first started buying good quality makeup brushes, I didn’t wash them. At all. I didn’t really know any better! Now that I do, I wash them once a week with a gentle yet effective cleanser. I don’t wear makeup daily, but if you do you may need to wash them even more frequently. Find what works for you.

2. Not exfoliating. I remember when I would use Yves apricot scrub. The more it burned, the more I thought it was working! It turns out that was way too harsh for my skin. You only need gentle exfoliation to sloff away dead skin, and to improve circulation and the regeneration of new cells.

3. Not enough water. Water seems to be the universal cure, doesn’t it? In this case, water is a way to rid your body of impurities. Water works as a daily cleanser for you liver, kidneys, skin and more. Don’t forget! Check out this video I made about all the benefits of water.

4. Stress. Why does stress cause break outs? Stress causes breakouts by first affecting your body’s natural hormone balance. The result? Skin that is unhappy, and it shows. Manage stress for your health’s sake.

5. Dry skin. Your skin not being properly moisturized can lead to excessive production of sebum (the body’s natural oil) which can clog your pores. The solution is to find a great moisturizer which works for you and keeps your skin balanced. When I was young I always had oily skin. Little did I know it was from under-moisturizing.

6. Food. Not only junk food, but food you are allergic to can really cause acne to flare. Be mindful of what you eat, and even keep a log for a few weeks of how your skin behaves, along with what you are eating. Watch this video that promotes healthy skin and hair.

7. Your hair products. I remember for a really long time I was breaking out on my face in a specific area. I didn’t at that time know I even had sensitive skin, but I decided to pull my hair back every day for a week. Magically, the break out flares stopped. Dirty hair, or hair products can definitely break out your skin. Also, I use a lot more natural hair products now, and that really helps.