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What will you do with all of your ideas?

I love creative people. Especially the ones with big ideas. They’re able to turn a seemingly simple question into an interesting, hours-long discussion. The most visionary of all creatives can get deep into where they think the future is headed, what are some of the world’s greatest problems to be solved, and more.

But, what are ideas if they are left unimplemented?


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Love and Vulnerability | the Wonderfully Made Podcast

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Can you love and not be vulnerable? Love is essential to every human on earth, and if being vulnerable is necessary to experience the deepest and greatest parts of it, why is it that so many of us have a hard time with it?

Explore vulnerability with me in this episode, and enjoy a brief story I’ve written.

This originally aired on February 16, 2017.


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Becoming More Disciplined | Wonderfully Made Podcast

I’m not sure if I’ve ever really considered myself to be a particularly disciplined, person. I’ve been called that many times over the course of my life, but I’ve never really….resonated with it. To me a disciplined person looks like someone extremely regimented and always on time, and super super organized….And, yes. Maybe it is those things.

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But when I really think about what disciplined means to me, it has to do with setting goals, assigning tasks based on those goals, and then completion. So a person cannot merely be called disciplined because they are a dreamer, or even if they are super organized with their planner. It’s discipline when the action is carried out, andcarried out consistently. Generally, people who do this get results.

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I’m sharing my top 5 habits recognized in disciplined people. Click below to listen:


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How to Break the Cycle of Bad Habits

I recently did a Twitter poll to find out what people wanted to hear next on the podcast. The results were pretty clear! Many said they wanted to hear about breaking bad cycles in their lives. Self love was the second runner-up, and I have a series on that which you can listen to here.

Do you ever feel like you have the best intentions, but still seem to remain stuck in bad cycles? Let’s explore some of the ways we get stuck in our poor choices and habits, and how we can make a change for the better.

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Using your words to manifest your dreams:

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Reset Day 4


{Day 4 of #reset2016} is #Goals. Everything is goals these days, have you noticed? Relationship goals, fitness goals, life goals…everything goals. I’ll be honest– in a way, I kinda like it. We should strive to do and be more, and there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by others. In your being inspired, just don’t forget to really check yourself. What if you were meant for more, or just something different? My goals should inspire you to find out what it is you were meant to be doing. 
My goals are related to fitness, my business, and my health. I’ve made smaller tasks to help me get to these goals as well as some commitments. I wrote my goals down and committed them to God, then I also emailed them to my close friend. That’s accountability. 
What are your goals?? Share with me on Instagram (@divinehostess) and tag me in your post as well as @coachpsays
Have a great day ❤️

Reset Day 2: Devotion

{Day 2 of #reset2016: Devotion} One scripture that speaks heavily to my spirit right now is Philippians 4:8. This is the amplified version and I love how colorful the picture is of what our minds should be fixed upon each and every day. 

We can either look at our circumstances, or we an look up and fix our eyes on God and the destiny He’s created for us. 
Yesterday was particularly tough. I felt like I was growing a bit faint, but I was able to come back to this and get centered. 
If you’re participating in the challenge on Instagram, post as soon as you can and tag @coachpsays and me (@divinehostess). ❤️