Day 7 of the Reset: Rest 


🙌 Last day of the challenge!

Day 7 of #reset2016: Rest. How do you rest? Show us how you unwind. 
I personally have a tough time sitting still. Though I know I need rest, I find myself feeling a little bit anxious because there are always things I can do. Lately I’ve adopted a more active resting approach so that I get rest, but my mind isn’t distracted or worried. Here’s my list of rest activities 😆
1. Getting lost in a fiction novel. 

2. Watching a tv show while doing an easy home task like folding laundry. 

3. Catching up with a friend or family member by phone or video chat.

4. Watching snapchat videos or reading my Twitter timeline. 🌾👀🌾

5. Home spa day– facial, manicure, tub soak. 

6. Going for a walk to the beach. 

7. Cooking. 

8. Finding a comfy spot and chilling out to good music. 

9. Prayer and meditation. 

10. Writing poetry, short stories, or more concepts for my next book. 
What do you do to rest? Post and tag @coachpsays and me on Instagram!

Reset Day 5: Inspiration 

Day 5 of #reset2016 is #inspiration. What inspires you? For me, it is nature. I love marveling at God’s creation and feeling so tiny engulfed in His love. The ocean is my favorite, the mountains my second. ❤️

Reset Day 4


{Day 4 of #reset2016} is #Goals. Everything is goals these days, have you noticed? Relationship goals, fitness goals, life goals…everything goals. I’ll be honest– in a way, I kinda like it. We should strive to do and be more, and there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by others. In your being inspired, just don’t forget to really check yourself. What if you were meant for more, or just something different? My goals should inspire you to find out what it is you were meant to be doing. 
My goals are related to fitness, my business, and my health. I’ve made smaller tasks to help me get to these goals as well as some commitments. I wrote my goals down and committed them to God, then I also emailed them to my close friend. That’s accountability. 
What are your goals?? Share with me on Instagram (@divinehostess) and tag me in your post as well as @coachpsays
Have a great day ❤️

Reset Day 3

{#reset2016 Day 3: Mindset} What motivates you?
What motivates me is my destiny. Let me explain… Though it isn’t easy and not always fun, I am willing to work hard and delay my gratification for a much greater good. Everything is wrapped up in my destiny so that includes the future family, the success of my business, my health, etc. I believe changing the way I think has made it easier to complete the tasks in front of me. 
Romans 12:2 says, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”


Staying motivated requires discipline and mine comes from knowing I’m pleasing God when I stay on course and that in that, there’s great reward. 
Honestly, I’m not always motivated so on tougher days I have a small, but very amazing handful of friends I can go to. My friends and family elevate me, pray with me, make me laugh, run alongside me, and believe in me– I do the same for them. 
Just tuning into the challenge? That’s ok? Share today and tag @coachpsays and me. ❤️

Reset Day 2: Devotion

{Day 2 of #reset2016: Devotion} One scripture that speaks heavily to my spirit right now is Philippians 4:8. This is the amplified version and I love how colorful the picture is of what our minds should be fixed upon each and every day. 

We can either look at our circumstances, or we an look up and fix our eyes on God and the destiny He’s created for us. 
Yesterday was particularly tough. I felt like I was growing a bit faint, but I was able to come back to this and get centered. 
If you’re participating in the challenge on Instagram, post as soon as you can and tag @coachpsays and me (@divinehostess). ❤️

Reset Day 1

{Day 1: Reset} My intentions for #reset2016 are to:
•take a deeper dive spiritually

•better organize my life

•make my intentions and beliefs more transparent

•clearly define what it is I’m dedicating myself to improving this year 
All of my goals are attainable and having accountability and collaboration with like minded people helps a great deal. So glad so many of you will be joining @coachpcare and me on this challenge. Today create a post to share your intentions for this seven day challenge. Don’t forget to use #reset2016 so we can find you!
There’s so much to gain by being intentional and being held accountable to what we say we will do to get to our goals.  

The 2016 Reset Challenge

I’d love for you to join a new challenge on social media (mostly Twitter and Instagram) called The 2016 Reset. It is a collaboration with Coach P my friend and blogger peer (@coachpsays on Twitter and Instagram). 
#Reset2016 is a 7 day mind, body and spirit reset. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage centeredness in our thoughts, spirits and actions. This challenge is inspired by faith, determination and commitment. Are you ready for a complete reset? 
To join this challenge, use the hashtag #Reset2016 when posting and stay within the daily themes. Challenge begins February 1st. 
Daily Themes 
Day 1 {Reset} – Post your motivation/reason for joining the #reset2016 
Day 2 {Devotion} – Post your favorite quotes, affirmations, prayers and scriptures. 
Day 3 {Mindset} – how do you find motivation/what motivates you 
Day 4 {Goals} – Post things related to your healthy living goals (healthy eats green juices, gym selfies, fave books etc) 
Day 5 {Inspiration} – Post who/what inspires you 
Day 6 {Peace} – what gives you peace/what is peace to you?
Day 7 Rest – Post things related to relaxation. Show us how you unwind. 
At the end of the challenges a lucky participant with receive a prize package. 

Are you in?

The Top 7 Vegetarian Recipes You Need in Your Life

Hey healthy bunnies!


I hope your 2016 is off to a fantastic start! Do you have your vision set? Are there goals in mind? I have a list of goals for myself, but health and fitness is one of my top priorities (as it is every year).


I asked via Twitter if anyone was in need of vegetarian and vegan recipes for the new year since many do the Daniel Fast, a cleanse, or a 30 day vegetarian challenge. Even if you are doing none of the things I listed, I am sharing with you some amazing and delicious recipes that you must have! Simply click on the picture to be linked to the recipe.

In addition to the recipes list below, I highly recommend you check out my Smoothie Playlist. Smoothies are a great snack, meal replacement or dessert depending on how it is made.

Lentil Tacos


Berry Breakfast Salad



Apple Cinnamon Buckwheat Cereal

IMG_8256 edit


Quinoa and Black Bean SaladIMG_5385-0

Tofu Saltado

tofu saltado peruvian vegan cuisine

Mediterranean Stir Fry



Mason Jar Salads