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Writer. Cook. Health enthusiast. The divine philosophy is to eat like you love to live. ❤


Fifi Buchanan is a mechanical engineer, writer, and voice actor. She is a Southern California native who currently lives in Los Angeles, where she writes for her own blog as well as other brands, and spends time advising for Girls Build LA. When not writing, she enjoys trying new restaurants, taking yoga classes, and hiking with friends.
Find out more about Fifi in this video:

This blog is dedicated to providing tips and insight on cooking and even shopping for foods. Imagine what years one could add to their life by choosing wholesome and quality ingredients over ones with fillers and preservatives. Even more, imagine the quality of a life that is completely fueled by organic ingredients that have been unaltered. It is admittedly difficult to live a completely organic lifestyle, but learning to incorporate fresh ingredients recipe by recipe, a great difference will be made over time. With a few helpful hints, living a healthy lifestyle can be made to be very easy.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Fifi (Lil Sis),

    I love it…good job my dear. Keep up the amazing work… The work you are putting in with the recipe book, web, etc. will take you somewhere fantastic very soon. Also, it totally convicted me, as a vegetarian, to eat better and stop consuming so many carbs and starches.

    Love you,
    Big Sis

  2. Tiff:
    This is amazing….. How did you get the time to do such a great job at running this wonderful business. I admire your commitment and intelligence.

    Good luck with school, work and your business.

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