Exonerated | the Wonderfully Made podcast

There was a time when I hated talk radio, but it was all my dad listened to taking me to and from school.

Fast forward to now– podcasts accompany nearly every drive that lasts more than 30 minutes! I guess I am a real adult now.

One growing addiction of mine is the true crime genre of podcasts. I love how the shows take a magnified look at unsolved cases, sometimes so thoroughly that the cases get reopened.

More satisfying than the reopened cases are the ones that lead to innocent people being exonerated. A man or woman once accused of the darkest of crimes gets to go free, and finally live their life without the legal weight of crimes they did not commit.

I love celebrating the freedom of others, but sometimes I have a hard time letting my own self be free. I think back to mistakes I have made in my life or to harm others, and I hold myself hostage, frozen in time. When good things come, I am reluctant to receive them because I think I don’t deserve.

This kind of bondage is the kind that only you and I can free ourselves from. The acts have long been forgotten by everyone but us, and those who may still accuse us have no power.

So, how can we live freely and fully and why should we try?

I discuss in this week’s podcast episode called Exonerated. I hope you’ll take a listen.



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