New Week, Fresh Start

It is  a new week, which means a fresh start. I’ve noticed the commiseration around Mondays. I get it, but it’s 1/7 of every week! If you’re an entrepreneur, Monday is no different than any other day anyway. It’s just another day to grind. Here are my top 7 reasons you should love Mondays:

  1. A new week is a fresh start. You can take another stab at old tasks, or take on new ones.
  2. It’s a great day to set your momentum. This is a great day to set some goals. If you start out driven, focused, and with a plan– the rest of your week will be set up for success!
  3. Mondays are  1/7th of every week. Life is a gift!
  4. Attitude is everything. Take on a position of hope fullness and gratitude, and good things will happen. I used to spend half my Sunday dreading the next day. What a waste of time!
  5. Stewardship. If you’re a good steward of your work week, the weekend is yours! Enjoy putting quality and effort into your work, and when it’s the weekend enjoy relaxation and play!
  6. Eat the frog. Have you heard this concept? Basically, do your most difficult task early in the day. If you eat a frog early on in your day, no task can be tougher than that! This is how I see Mondays. I go ahead and handle my tougher tasks straight away.
  7. It’s a day to get ahead. I don’t know if you’re competitive, but if you are– listen to my logic. Average people are slacking, unfocused, complaining and saying they need another day of weekend. You’re not average. You slide ahead of the crowd just by hunkering down and getting stuff done without complaint. 🙂

If you still can’t find a way to love your Mondays, maybe it’s time for change. Change your situation, or change your perspective.


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