How to Meal Prep | Meal Prep Series

Hey healthy bunnies!


I recently asked you healthy bunnies what you’d like to see and most people said how to meal prep! I’m sharing my top tips and tricks for the first video, while the following videos will be actual recipes. I hope you find it helpful!




6 thoughts on “How to Meal Prep | Meal Prep Series

  1. This was great I used do pay much more attention to detail in meal prep when I had a larger family to consider this is helpful for one person or 100 ! Tia

  2. Great tips!! Especially the ordering groceries online-I am on bedrest and was wondering how to get more groceries to the house when no one can go for me! So far, I had only considered Harris Teeter, but I would still have to drive and get them.

    Great quality video as well 🙂

    • That is so hard! I hope there is an option in your area for delivery. It’s gotten a lot better over the years from when I first began using it. They do a better job picking good quality produce. I hope you’re in good spirits and doing well!

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