Wellness Starts in the Mind

It’s May so it’s still mental health awareness month. Is it me, or has this year been particularly challenging!? So far I’ve had a lot to face, but through it all I’ve remained blessed and in a constant state of seeking peace. 
I’ve really come to know that wellness is an overall state that begins with the mind. If the mind is not well, it won’t be well with your body, spirit and soul. 
I put a lot of effort forth lately to get my mind right. I’m intentional and thoughtful about what TV shows I watch, what podcasts I listen to, who I hang with, etc. It all matters. So many outside factors can influence is!
Lately I take a lot of walks, and I’ve found that beauty is truly everywhere! Take these flowers for instance. 

I’ve found I cannot go too long without working out and it’s amazing how my body is transforming slowly as I make what I originally meant for recreation more about total wellness. 
 I’m divinehostess on snapchat if you’d like to follow. 

I’ve found that eating well never gets old. It takes me to a good place and is so fun to have food adventures.  I had  this yummy vegan pho with a coworker last week. Fulfilling and fun to eat!

In the end, I want to be able to say I lived and didn’t just exist. I’m building a legacy for myself and my future family to leave  a mark on this world. I keep this in mind whenever life gets incredibly challenging. I don’t ask “why me?” because I now understand that each new challenge is simply preparation for my next promotion. 
What have you learned about life or yourself this year so far?



2 thoughts on “Wellness Starts in the Mind

  1. I’m in the same space, continually seeking peace. I, too, have gone through a lot this year so far, and the end of 2015. I am very careful about what – and who – I’ve been exposing myself to these days. It really does matter and affect us!

    Thank you for this post! 🙂

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