Celebration and Enjoying the Arts

Wow, it’s May! Time has flown in 2016. The older I get, the more I say that. I’ve been super busy, so we will be taking a quick time travel back to the end of March when I celebrated my birthday. It was low key, but so much fun. A small group of friends met me at the Getty Villa and then we followed with yummy brunch at the Huntley hotel.

 I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to plan a celebration like this one! It was totally my speed. 

The Getty Villa is much smaller than the Getty Museum, but it doesn’t disappoint. I’m really into just wandering and being curious. I liked the gardens outside, and the art replicas inside. 

I am unsure if all the art there is recreated or if some is actually original. 

About the food at the Huntley Hotel… Maybe lemon ricotta pancakes are why I’m vegetarian instead of vegan! They really were divine. 

It seemed like everyone really enjoyed their food!

Our seating had a lovely view and our server made sure to bring me a special treat! 

Look at the view in the restroom! Wow. 

So much fun and I felt so loved. If you liked my dress, I can do a separate post showing more detail. It’s the same one I wore for my updated head shots!


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