Day 7 of the Reset: Rest 


🙌 Last day of the challenge!

Day 7 of #reset2016: Rest. How do you rest? Show us how you unwind. 
I personally have a tough time sitting still. Though I know I need rest, I find myself feeling a little bit anxious because there are always things I can do. Lately I’ve adopted a more active resting approach so that I get rest, but my mind isn’t distracted or worried. Here’s my list of rest activities 😆
1. Getting lost in a fiction novel. 

2. Watching a tv show while doing an easy home task like folding laundry. 

3. Catching up with a friend or family member by phone or video chat.

4. Watching snapchat videos or reading my Twitter timeline. 🌾👀🌾

5. Home spa day– facial, manicure, tub soak. 

6. Going for a walk to the beach. 

7. Cooking. 

8. Finding a comfy spot and chilling out to good music. 

9. Prayer and meditation. 

10. Writing poetry, short stories, or more concepts for my next book. 
What do you do to rest? Post and tag @coachpsays and me on Instagram!

2 thoughts on “Day 7 of the Reset: Rest 

  1. We are so alike. I feel like even my resting activity has to be “productive.” Per advice from a few close friends, I need to get used to do nothing at times, and not feel that bad about it. I find that reading and cooking are the most relaxing activities. Going to a coffee shop to write in my journal is one of my favorites. I want to get back into the habit of listening to music with no other distractions, too.

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