The 2016 Reset Challenge

I’d love for you to join a new challenge on social media (mostly Twitter and Instagram) called The 2016 Reset. It is a collaboration with Coach P my friend and blogger peer (@coachpsays on Twitter and Instagram). 
#Reset2016 is a 7 day mind, body and spirit reset. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage centeredness in our thoughts, spirits and actions. This challenge is inspired by faith, determination and commitment. Are you ready for a complete reset? 
To join this challenge, use the hashtag #Reset2016 when posting and stay within the daily themes. Challenge begins February 1st. 
Daily Themes 
Day 1 {Reset} – Post your motivation/reason for joining the #reset2016 
Day 2 {Devotion} – Post your favorite quotes, affirmations, prayers and scriptures. 
Day 3 {Mindset} – how do you find motivation/what motivates you 
Day 4 {Goals} – Post things related to your healthy living goals (healthy eats green juices, gym selfies, fave books etc) 
Day 5 {Inspiration} – Post who/what inspires you 
Day 6 {Peace} – what gives you peace/what is peace to you?
Day 7 Rest – Post things related to relaxation. Show us how you unwind. 
At the end of the challenges a lucky participant with receive a prize package. 

Are you in?

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