Plan Your Life

Plan. If you want to be great, do great things, and get great results– you need to plan. Anyone who suggests they’ve gotten far in life by winging it, I don’t really trust. I know that great accomplishments come from intentional effort, and that starts with planning. No, your plan won’t always work out the way you envisioned– but what is the saying? “Luck favors the prepared.”? There’s truth to that. So now, even if I cannot perfectly stick to it, I think about when I plan to go to bed at night, what I think I should eat, how long I will work out, how much I will spend on groceries, when I will relax and have fun. When I was a little girl both my parents and my school had me on a routine. It was on that routine that I thrived. Then I took over as an adult, abandoned the routine and created chaos. I’m just now getting back to the consistency of planning and execution.


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