Food and Me: a Complicated Relationship

  Food. Often on my mind– and something with which I have a complicated relationship. Food is for nourishment first and foremost, but how can I ignore the cultural ties, healing power, new adventures, comfort and  socialization aspects? I cannot. I’m armed with knowledge I did not once have, so I know how to properly nourish my body as a vegetarian. I also know how to make a meal to entertain a party. The complication arises for me that I have so much information telling me eat this, not that– it’s hard not to become obsessed with health. Then the fact that sometimes I am bored, other times I am unsure if I have habit hunger or real hunger, yet other times I’m lazy to plan and don’t eat enough, and then the times I just don’t feel like eating the right thing. There’s a guilt with these complications since I know somewhere in the world, maybe not more than a few blocks from me, someone goes hungry. I’m sure I cannot in one grand effort cure this, but here is what brings me comfort: being grateful for all I have, making an effort to use and take only what I need, and giving as often and as much as I can. 

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