a divine hostess indeed

I so enjoyed dinner with my vegan pal Joi! ❤

vegan with Joi


As most of you know, I am an always-on-the-go actress. After 10 days straight of waking up early to be on set, going back and fourth to auditions and taking care of errands in between, there has not been much time for a delicious home cooked meal! Yesterday after I finished filming a commercial, I made my way over to my friend FiFi’s. She is a vegetarian, a chef and an amazing & creative woman!  I was so excited that we both could find time to relax together!

We chatted over sparkling Kombuchas by Kevita.

I had never tried that brand before and it was exciting to taste new flavors.

The flavors we had were Lemon Ginger, Apple Kale, Ginger, and Grapefruit.

Along with a Master Brew Kombucha.

I think my favorite was the grapefruit!

The Master Brew was so bomb because it was very strong just the way I like…

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