The FitFluence Event at YouTube Space LA

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in the FitFluence event at YouTube Space LA. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I knew it was for people with blogs and YouTube channels related to health and fitness. I was also looking forward to meeting up with some of my favorite youtube pals!

I arrived to the event about 45 minutes after it began and it was very lively. Lots of people mingling and talking, music, a ton of different foods to sample and try, and a great selection of vendors showcasing new products, all from organic or repurposed materials. There was yogurt, cold pressed juice, vegan protein, and healthy cocktails.

At around the halfway point, there was an awesome panel where popular youtube personalities shared about their experiences. They were so open, positive and energetic. I got a chance to meet Cassey Ho of Pop Pilates! She was so sweet. IMG_8116.JPG

Another highlight was meeting in person some of the lovely ladies I’ve collaborated with this year such as Cobi of Veggitorials, Whitney of EcoVeganGal, Gemma Stafford and of course my close pal Lainey of SimplyBakings.


Then, if that weren’t enough, we all scored these awesome bags from Kate Hudson’s fitness line called Fabletics and they were filled with awesome items!


Here are the items we received:
1. Makeup from Tart cosmetics


2. Protein bar from Exo


3. Keurig coffee


4. A workout headband from Onzie


5. A pouch from LeSportSac


6. A water bottle from LVFT


7. Muscle treatment products from NIP+


In addition to these items I got this super soft, high quality shirt from Kevita, the probiotic drink company.


I also got my phone armored up by ExoFab, a new company that makes sleek phone covers which are adhesive. What makes the covers unique is that the gel covers have a tacky finish so they stick to glass! Perfect for sticking to a glass or mirror surface for selfies or FaceTime. Mine isn’t as tacky as it was two weeks ago, however.



I had a lot of fun at the event. I can’t wait to attend another event at YouTube Space LA

4 thoughts on “The FitFluence Event at YouTube Space LA

  1. Such a fun event! I’m glad I finally got to give you a hug in person 🙂 Loved most of the swag…the yoga pants made from recycled water bottles are the coolest!

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