10 Tips for Traveling to Kauai

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Kauai. It was amazing and I want to share my top ten traveling tips as well as a vlog so you can see the beauty of this very country and warm island. Enjoy!

a beach shot in poipu lihue kauai hawaii

  1. Stay hydrated. The heat and humidity can really sneak up on you if you aren’t careful. I assume if you’re headed to Kauai, you’re planning on being outdoors and active. Stay safe by avoiding dehydration.
  2. Bring bug spray. The bugs really come out after it has been raining. Make sure you bring bug repellent, and try not to wear perfume or perfumed lotions.
  3. Bring your appetite. This may go without saying, but I really felt the dining was a big part of the experience. The portions everywhere we went were huge! I really enjoyed having breakfast at Living Foods Market. It is a great place to stock up on foods and snacks, particularly when you have a long outdoor adventure planned. The takeaway salads were my second favorite things after the breakfast! Here are my lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes. Simply divine!lemon ricotta blueberry panckes with eggs and syrup
  4. Prepare to be active. I believe the best that the city of Lihue, Kauai has to offer can only be experienced by being adventurous and going outdoors. We walked, hiked, swam, snorkeled and rafted. Try to sign up for a day tour if possible. You’ll see in my video, that we did a 6 hour rafting tour and it was beautiful! But, remember to take sea sick medication!rafting tour lihue for snorkeling
  5. Rent a car. Things are not very close together, and you will want freedom to roam the island. Just keep in mind the travel times, because I did not see a road or highway where the speed limit was above 50 miles per hour.
  6. Stay at a hotel walking distance to the beach. This is not a must, but I really loved that we stayed at a hotel on the beach. It’s a built-in hang out and such a lovely view. The Sheraton was a great price and we liked our room! Get a hotel that has a refrigerator and preferably a microwave. Those leftovers from meals come in handy after long hikes!
  7. Prepare to relax. This is not a place for fast-paced life. It’s been two weeks and I still feel peaceful and rest after my visit. It’s amazing. A few hours after landing on the island, I got used to waiting. Service is slow just about everywhere, but also people are kind and attentive for the most part.
  8. Allow for time to rest. The time difference is a bit of a beast and I did not expect it at all. If you’re going from Eastern time to Hawaii time, you may feel a bit thrown off by the time.
  9. Do not leave without visiting Waimea Canyon. Even if you aren’t in the mood for a 3 hour hike, you can still drive and stop at lookout points to see breath-taking views. It’s so worth it!
  10. Come with an open mind. While you’re still in the US, the way of life is slower and you may not be able to get some of the foods or accomodations you’re used to. I’m vegetarian, for instance. I had to be mindful when choosing where to dine, but there were plenty of places with an option for me. I also got creative and bought instant oatmeal and spoons and was able to make oatmeal in the hotel room using the heated water from the coffee pot. Also, bananas were an awesome on-the-go snack.

I hope you’ll also check out  my vlog so you can see just how beautiful the country-side was. I know you must be wondering: would you go back? I certainly would, but there’s just too much of the world to see at this time!



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