The Weekend Was Too Short: Tennis, Coffee Shops & Travel

My weekends are always action-packed for one reason or another. This weekend, I spent a lot of time catching up with friends and family, and preparing for travel. After a long grueling work week, I was happy to wake up late on Saturday morning and head off to tennis courts to meet up with friends. It was a beautiful breezy day out and I even got a chance to break in my new shoes!


Later in the day, I got a chance to hang out with my cousin and me try this very hipster looking café in the Berkeley area. I had something called a hibiscus cooler and it was basically simple syrup, hibiscus juice, sparkling water, strawberries and mint leaves. It was delicious!



As I suspected would happen, I ran out of time at the end of the day trying to pack and clean for my trip. I got a decent amount of sleep and headed out really early to catch my flight. It was this weekend I found out the American airlines terminal not only has a Pinkberry, but it also has a small yoga studio! What an amazing idea.


Inside there is the relaxing dim lighting as well as wood floors, yoga mats, pillows, and water. Had I more time, I would have used it! Instead, I opted for a quick breakfast before my flight which consisted of wheat toast, scrambled egg whites and tofu with spinach and mushrooms, potatoes and tomatillo salsa.


Now that I’ve settled into my destination, I will be in Kentucky all week for training for work. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Maybe by the end of this week I will be saying “y’all” instead. 😉


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