New Workout Shoes from Puma

Though I’m an advocate for fitness, when it’s time to shop for athletic shoes I always struggle. My absolute favorite style of shoe is and likely always will be pumps. For yoga, walking, weight training and more, I am fairly certain pumps are not the safest choice! I really just do not like athletic shoes, and I’m not yet ready to drop $180 on a pair, so shopping for a new pair of shoes takes FOREVER.


One thing I knew– I wanted a bright colored pair. The logic? Choosing a bright colored pair which matches with nothing, happens to also match with everything! I chose the Faas 100 R Glow Women’s Running Shoes.

hot pink sneakers

I find these to be super light and comfortable, but I haven’t worked out in them yet. My last workout was outdoors and I didn’t really want to get them dirty. These will be gym shoes 🙂

hot pink pumas women


I think these are just in time for spring! What is your favorite brand of athletic shoes?

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