A Healthier Kraft Mac?

I read in a CNN article that due to hundreds of thousands of parents signing a petition on change.org, Kraft is changing the ingredients they use to dye many of their most popular types of macaroni and cheese. To still achieve the bright yellow most are familiar with, the company will use natural ingredients that are already yellow, like turmeric. In addition to removing dye, they also have plans of making it more nutritious over all– like adding more fiber for instance.


I think it’s great that we can speak out and influence prominent companies and ask them to be more responsible and sensitive to health concerns. No matter what a person’s economic status is, they should have access to basic foods that are nutritious and not harmful. I believe companies have a duty to be conscientious and ever-searching when it comes to food that not only tastes good, but serves primarily for the purpose of nourishing the body. In 2014, I wonder what other changes we might see as other companies are asked to “step their game up”.

Still one question remains in my mind, however– instead of asking to make it a little more nutritious, why don’t parents stop feeding their children Kraft mac n cheese?

8 thoughts on “A Healthier Kraft Mac?

  1. I am so with you! —It’s also SUPER easy to make mac and cheese at home. It’s probably just at quick to make as well. You could use quinoa pasta instead to make it a slightly healthier (you still are having cheese, butter and heavy cream/milk) AND you can add broccoli or other veggies to the dish.

  2. I think it might be radioactive; pasta is not supposed to glow. But my boys LOVE it! I keep it as a treat at restaurants. I can see why parents petitioned for some changes to be made. It should never be a staple in any child’s diet (but sadly for some it probably is) :/

  3. A better way to eat Kraft Mac n’ Cheese is to not eat it at all. Have you read all of the other ingredients? On a scale of 1-10 on the health meter, in removing the dye from the ingredients moved Mac ‘n Cheese to (-42) from (-77).

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