The November Squat Challenge with Digital Curls

Last month I began incorporating weights into my workout regimen (Click here for 30 day progress pics) and now for the month of November, I have joined DigitalCurls for her November squat challenge!20131109-130403.jpg

It’s actually quite fun. The number of squats increases each day and there are rest days, too. I’m really loving it and can’t wait to get stronger and more toned. If you’re just joining the challenge, you can start with day 1.  One thing Chris points out is that you can break up the sets if 50, 60 or 100 is too many at once. It’s really up to you. Just stick to it! She’s made a wonderful video demonstrating how to do proper squats:

Click here for the calendar

Will you be joining the challenge? Leave me a comment!

How to reach Digital Curls:

instagram: @fit_digitalcurls

twitter: @digitalcurls



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