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Fitness is a lifelong journey and on that journey, everyone needs a mentor or a coach at some point. I found LaMar’s channel of months ago and one thing you will recognize immediately is his confident and positive demeanor. He takes a holistic approach to health, realizing that no two people will have the exact same need or goals. He doesn’t just coach and train, though. He lives it. LaMar is a fitness model, coach, and also involved in fashion with his fitness clothing line. No matter where you are in your journey, I’m sure you’ll find his story as inspiring as I did!


Young LaMar

Young LaMar

Q1:Have you always been into fitness? When did it begin?

A1: I have been around fitness my entire life, but I wasn’t the least bit interested in it.
My father trained day after day in my house hold and I remember always joining in
because I loved my dad, wanted to be around him, and thought it was a game. Once
I got a little older, I lost most of my desire about health, fitness, or body building.
So I only exercised over the years, but nothing serious.

Q2: How did you come up with this amazing business?

A2: After not taking health and fitness seriously, it wasn’t until I was in San Diego and my mother expressed to me how unhappy she was with her weight. I’ve always wanted her to try and get healthier, but didn’t know how to help her as she was pretty overweight. I started reading everything I could on nutrition so that I could help her from a distance since I lived in Los Angeles and was unable to help her with the fitness portion of things. The more I learned, the more I worked on my own health and fitness. My mother lost over 30 lbs, I made a few posts on Facebook, and 200+ clients later the Body Bandit movement had begun. My brother and I started a YouTube page to try and help more people and it has been building gradually since December 2012. I work the fitness in with my fashion background to offer lots of health & fitness clothing and accessories on my website.
Q3: What keeps you motivated to stay fit and healthy?

A3: There are a few things that really help me stay motived:

  • Leading my Body Bandit support. With so many people looking for help , it’s a good idea to lead by example.
  • By staying in the best shape I can & constantly striving to improve increases my my chance of landing potential jobs
Q4: What is one tip you would give someone who hasn’t started their fitness journey yet? A4: If I had to give one tip I would say if you’ve been spinning your wheels for awhile to seek a credible source to help you. When I say credible, I don’t mean a doctor or personal trainer. Both are great, but they do not always have all the information you need. You want to get help from someone with client results. It will be the best small investment you’ve made. If I did that earlier, I would be so far ahead of where I am now. The issue for me was I didn’t know what a health coach was, or that ordinary people could have more knowledge to transform my body than some of those with professional certifications.
Q5: How can others get involved? I’m sure many might like to hire you for your services soon. If someone wanted to be coached by myself, they would simply need to send an email to with their current age, height, weight, and goal. I’ve been doing my running my clothing brand Superfresh since 2008. I created it as a limited edition source to get fresh underground clothing and accessories.
Check out LaMar’s channel and subscribe:

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